I don’t like to cause anyone stress.  I prefer to inspire and encourage. For example, I feel badly when I post about big projects we enjoy doing, and some of you come away with the feeling of, “Oh my word. Who on earth has time for that?!  I’m overwhelmed just looking at it.” Big frown. I don’t like to cause these feelings.  At the same time, I DO so enjoy big projects.  I frequently bite off more than I should, and… Read more »

Today, we created homemade books. Lots and LOTS of homemade BOOKS. Some are BIG and tall and rather plain (for now!). Others are teeny tiny Some are quite fancy. With embellishments or pockets to make them more interesting to potential readers. Some have flowers and buttons, and pretty scalloped pages. And nifty inside covers, perfect for tables of contents! Quite a few have fun, seasonal, kid-friendly covers.  But ALL of them are filled with pages.  Clean, blank pages, all ready to go.  They’re ready… Read more »