Frozen Watercolor Balloons

Saw this on Pinterest a couple years ago, and on a whim, the kids and I gave it a try yesterday. You know, since the forecast called for something like -29* and what else can you do when it’s that cold outside?  We used balloons and watercolor paint that we had on hand.  We filled those babies up before bed, and I’m sure we all dreamed of how amazing they would look.  I know I did.First thing in the morning,… Read more »

Some photos I snapped of the kids enjoying an early snow fall we got last week.  It was absolutely beautiful outside, and the snow was the wet and sticky kind–perfect for building. As the day warmed up, the snow melted. By evening it was gone.  Glad we made some memories while it lasted!

As soon as I saw this painting technique online, I knew it would be great for my 3 and 5 year old. (And I gotta admit, I had fun with it too!) What you’ll need: Straws Acrylic or tempura paints, watered down about 50%Plate, or palette for paints Thick art paper Paintbrushes Painter’s tapeEye dropper or syringe Newspaper to cover painting area (unless you’re lazy like me, since I have a glass table and it’s easy to clean) First, tape… Read more »