Deep sigh of relief over here–the wood veneer is glued in place on my table and it looks great!I’m so excited to share this part of the project with you because I totally ventured out into uncharted waters with this, and while I am certainly not a wood-working pro, I am thrilled that I have learned how to do something totally new and unfamiliar to me–and that I was able to do it successfully!  Has it required a pretty structured naptime routine for… Read more »

As if anyone out there cares… Ok, if you HAPPEN to be repairing or preparing a particle board (or MDF for that matter) substrate to lay wood veneer, here is what you need to do. (and for the record, my information is coming from a few helpful woodworking pros in various online forums. I’m so glad these people are out there to answer all my silly questions). Step 1 Sand down, as best you can, any rough or slightly swollen areas in… Read more »