I was recently encouraged by a fellow blogger and homeschooling mama when I read about a spending freeze she and her husband tried. I felt immediately convicted because I am an impulsive spender, craft hoarder, and grocery-budget buster.  And I really want to do better. Doing better would bless my husband and show him, in a very measurable way, that I appreciate and respect the hard work and sacrifices he makes for our family, so that I can stay home, keep my… Read more »


Earlier this week, I shared about History as Storytelling…I hope you didn’t miss the great video interview with Jim Weiss. Today we’re going to go even deeper by looking at teaching History through Role-Playing. Of course, this is not a new idea.   Williamsburg and Plymouth Plantation and Hale Farm and Gettysburg and countless sights and historical destinations across our great land bring History to LIFE for their visitors through the use of costume and role-play. Why are these so… Read more »

100th Day of School Ideas

Hi Ya’ll. At the end of this week, we’ll reach our 100th day of school and will be having a little get-together to celebrate with the kiddos of our co-op. Do you count up to 100 days in your classroom?   The 100th day of school can be a pretty big deal for those Kinders and 1st graders, and it’s fun to find creative ways to help them understand the concept of 100. First, you can read all about hosting… Read more »


CLICK HERE to WATCH Jim Weiss Interview  on Teaching History Through Stories Hi friends. Something neat I wanted to share with you this morning, that any of you who are using the Classical model of education will especially appreciate…it’s an absolutely  inspiring interview with Jim Weiss on the difference between teaching HISTORY in order to memorize important facts, names and dates, versus History as storytelling.  I just loved this interview–especially Jim Weiss’s stories of Sir Francis Drake (2:55) and Harry Truman (6:02)…. Read more »


Some years, the number feels weightier than others.  This year. I feel 35. No longer young. Not yet old. 70 years, more or less, are appointed to man, so what is 35 if not an in-between number? I feel that this year—that “between-two-ends” feeling.  I’m right here, in the midst of the whole grand picture, and I see my life as the pages of a book, being written and slowly filled. Coming today to this unfamiliar half-way point, I can’t… Read more »


This Week… What We’re In Awe of: These gentle giants, and our amazing Creator God. What We’re Creating Together: Science and Art collide once again as we all work together to create original watercolor and oil pastel sea creatures for our Ocean-themed classroom area.  These have been an absolute blast to make this week, and about every 2 days, I let the kids each do another one.  The rainbow-y fish were cut out from scraps of painted watercolor paper!  … Read more »


Hey fellow mamas.I have been writing down my schedule for you all this week, but realized as the week went on, how very different each day can look from the day before or the day after.  Some days we are totally on it, and it’s mostly smooth-sailing and well-planned and I feel the reward of our hard work because we get to enjoy more leisurely afternoons where we are free to devote time to other things.But other days…just don’t go as… Read more »


This year, on the weekends, I’ll be linking up the good stuff that is currently inspiring me, convicting me, motivating me, or is otherwise too good not to share.  Plus, I’ll be giving you a sampling of what we around here are eating, reading, creating, enjoying, listening to, playing with, doing, etc. First up… This post from LifeinGrace ROCKED my world this week.  Completely.   How to Find God’s Will For Your Life It’s what I know deep in my heart of… Read more »


Just a few snapshots from life and school today.    This guy is feeling a bit better.  Woke up so happy and slept in his bed most of the night….we’re all coughing still, but everyone is finally fever-free. Our 4 year old Si, working hard just after breakfast to earn some “treasure” by naming his letter sounds.  Only allowed to take the chips off of the sound cards he knows!  My very proud little preschooler.  He is about as interested… Read more »


Yesterday’s post was my reflection and celebration of our successes these past several months.  Today, I bring you the the bad and the ugly side of things.***Not everything is rosy around here, folks. A friend of mine once told me some advice a homeschooling mother had shared with her:You can’t have it all, and you can’t do it all.Truer words were never spoken.So guess what? You cannot have a spotlessly clean house AND a delicious home cooked meal, AND a stellar… Read more »