Mmm, this one is seriously to die for.Of course this tastes best with fresh sweet corn, but you can ALWAYS use frozen corn, year round, to make yourself a pot of this goodness.  I’ve included a non-meat variation for this soup (’cause in this house, most meals are modified to keep the vegetarians, meat-o-tarians, and those in between, HAPPY). Follow the traditional recipe, and you’ll get myCheesy Vegetarian Corn ChowderWant it with some meat AND a kick? Follow the variations in green to getSpicy Corn Chowder with… Read more »

This is, hands down, our favorite soup in this house.  I have made it many, many times over the years for my family, and it’s even become a traditional part of Christmas Eve dinner each year with my husband’s side of the fam.  It is absolutely delicious, and so easy to make, yet for some reason, when you serve it up, people totally think it is decadent and gourmet.And since soup does not photograph well, you’ll just have to trust me: this one is a… Read more »