About 6 months ago I took on a pretty major, month-and-a-half-long DIY project: I bought a damaged farmhouse style table on Craigslist with 6 chairs, for $100 that was begging to be repaired and refinished. Over several weeks in summer, I stripped off its old finish, removed its damaged veneer, prepared and laid down new veneer, stained and poly’ed it, then repainted, distressed, and reupholstered its chairs (as well as an unfinished wood bench I found along the way). It was kind of a… Read more »

I am just finishing up the final stages of the veneer repair on my farmhouse dining table, and so my thoughts are now turning towards staining and painting. My original plan was to go for this two-toned farmhouse look–wood stained top with black-brown base and chairs. Now, however, I am having second thoughts about the dark base and chairs. Our dining room is SMALL–basically all that will fit into it is the table and chairs, with not a lot of… Read more »