{A warm welcome to readers switching over from our old site, The Crafty Homeschool Mama!} I’ve been wanting to create a running chapter book list for some time, and this week, as school came to a close, I finally got around to doing it. Like most of you, here in our home, we read aloud daily.  On an ideal day, we read first around the breakfast table, then again during formal school time, then again at teatime, and lastly, at… Read more »

Libraries are magical, aren’t they? I love ours, and no matter what kind of day I am having, I am able to relax the moment I walk through the doors. What’s not to love about the Library?(besides the occasional crankypants librarian who seems to think that children ought not to visit). But let’s focus on the many positives: First, the smell of books.Come on.  Tell me that’s not one of the best smells on earth.  And the older the library, the… Read more »

A few nights ago, I re-read one of my daughter’s favorite books to her at bedtime, called Little Mommy. This time, as we snuggled up to read, I told her why I chose this particular book: “Hunny, this book reminds me so much of YOU, because everyday, you’re learning how to be a little mommy too, aren’t you?” And this time, I watched her face as I read each page, and in her sparkling eyes, I could almost see her entering the storybook and becoming… Read more »