We’ve been busy making a set of these sweet little candy boxes to give away for Valentine’s Day next week.  Each one holds a few pieces of chocolate, and will undoubtedly delight their recipients.  On the back of each one, there is a space for the message~ “Owl Always Love You.”  I thought you may be interested in making a few of your own, so here is the tutorial. Each homemade treat box starts with a pillow box template which… Read more »

  Yesterday during the boys’ quiet time, my daughter found a bag of feathers in our craft supplies and asked me if she could use them to make a baby and mommy set of owl puppets. I was busy doing my own thing in the kitchen, and had no real time for crafting, so I only took a couple minutes to cut out an owl shape from cardboard, give her the bag of googly eyes, some glue, the feathers, and she was off on her… Read more »