Because we are using an adjusted schedule, with breaks at different times than allowed for in the regular school year schedule, today actually marks our 30th day of school. If you are familiar at all with Kindergarten, (and the younger elementary grades) then you know counting up to the 100th day of school is a major part of the curriculum.  Of course, it all culminates in a big 100th day of school PARTY. Last year, my super-homeschool-mommy friends, Carol and… Read more »

So… I have this giant bulletin board hanging in what used to be our formal dining room, and is now in my office/library/homeschooling room… I am aware that it is not entirely normal for one to have a classroom-sized bulletin board in one’s home, even if that one is homeschooling. BUT, OH WELL.  Here it is on display in our eat-in-kitchen, where it remained for the month of August before we relocated it to the office (holding school in our cramped kitchen was threatening… Read more »