This is a wonderful (and rather well-known in the home school world) activity to teach kiddos about their place in the world.  We enjoyed it so much, and I found it to be so effective that I will surely use it again in the years to come with my other little ones.  .: The Idea Behind the Activity :. If you think about it, it’s a pretty confusing concept to children that they can live on their street, AND in… Read more »

Hi friends! We are just now recovering from last week’s absolutely FUNtastic 100th Day of School Party! What a good time we had! 🙂 Yes, it was loud and crazy and at times a wee bit chaotic (12 kids ranging from 2 years old to 12 years old, surrounded by candy, snacks, balloons and friends basically boils down to excited mayhem)… BUT, in all, I’d say it was a wild success (with an emphasis on wild!) 😉  I gotta say, it… Read more »

Pop 100 balloons in 100 seconds. Create a self-portrait of what you’ll look like at age 100. Scavenger hunt to find 100 hidden (in plain sight) pieces of candy. Show and tell about your collection of 100 items. Dress up as a 100 year old person, anyone? Create a giant construction paper pizza with 100 toppings on it. Guestimate which clear jar contains exactly 100 items. Create a special snack mix with exactly 100 pieces in it (10 each of 10… Read more »

This morning we headed to out to Giant Eagle for a behind-the-scenes grocery store tour.  It was great fun, and OF COURSE the kids enjoyed it–I mean, food was involved, right!?!? The Eagle’s Nest director, Linda, was our tour guide, and the first thing she did was give each of my kids their grocer hats to wear for the tour.  She talked to us about the “My Plate” nutrition guide, and she continued to use the My Plate diagram as… Read more »

My kindergartner loves to read.  That is, she loves hearing books read aloud to her, and then “re-reading” them herself through the pictures.  She loves telling stories and does her best to write and illustrate them too. She was obsessed with books from the time she was 9 months old.  I can remember her sitting in her crib for long periods of time before and after her daily nap, using her chubby little fingers to carefully turn the pages of her… Read more »

Today we began a unit I have been SO EXCITED about doing with my kids for a long time now.  It’s a “My Community” Unit,  and it is appropriate for both Preschool and Kindergarten aged kids (and beyond!).  Since it is Fire Awareness Week, we kicked things off with a visit to our local Fire Station here in North Strabane Township, PA.  We had a great day, and Fireman Chris, and Fire Chief Mark showed us around. It was an awesome morning of learning and exploring, and I… Read more »

Because we are using an adjusted schedule, with breaks at different times than allowed for in the regular school year schedule, today actually marks our 30th day of school. If you are familiar at all with Kindergarten, (and the younger elementary grades) then you know counting up to the 100th day of school is a major part of the curriculum.  Of course, it all culminates in a big 100th day of school PARTY. Last year, my super-homeschool-mommy friends, Carol and… Read more »

Sun’s up! Cock-a-doodle-doo!Get out of bed, there’s much to do Put on your boots and head to the barn It’s another busy day here on the farm! Milk the cows andPut out the sheep Throw the slop to the pigs and  The hay to the horsies Check on the eggs, and the little chicks tooThen pick some sunflowers when you’re through Head to the garden with a basket on your arm There’s so much to do each day on the farm! Want… Read more »

Oh, how I wish I would have found this idea a few years ago when I first started introducing letters to my daughter, who is now in Kindergarten. Nevertheless, it has been a WILD SUCCESS so far, and is still totally reinforcing everything she is learning right now. This idea, in its entirety, was borrowed from Pink and Green Mama, and can be found here, as well as several other places on the internet. But good ideas are for copying, tweaking and re-sharing, don’t ‘cha think?  =]… Read more »

A few nights ago, I re-read one of my daughter’s favorite books to her at bedtime, called Little Mommy. This time, as we snuggled up to read, I told her why I chose this particular book: “Hunny, this book reminds me so much of YOU, because everyday, you’re learning how to be a little mommy too, aren’t you?” And this time, I watched her face as I read each page, and in her sparkling eyes, I could almost see her entering the storybook and becoming… Read more »