The kids’ arts and crafts section of the library is a dangerous place for me to browse with my daughter.  We get REALLY distracted when we start thumbing through books on those shelves.  There are  oodles of arts and crafts books just overflowing with ideas, just waiting to be tried.  But–we have to resist.  For heaven sakes, we are busy enough as is with all the extra things we’re already doing each week in the arts and crafts department to supplement our science and… Read more »

Check out what we’ve been up to…how cool is this?  That’s our very own neighborhood on our kitchen floor!  Talk about FUN in geography! And–not to mention, a PERFECT way to keep the kids busy indoors during the winter months.  We’ve been doing maps, maps, and more maps in our K-1 geography with my daughter.  We’ve done world maps, classroom maps, city maps, and maps of fairy tale land.  As we’re finishing up this unit, I thought, what better way to… Read more »