As you may already know, my kids and I have been exploring the human body this month, and learning lots of interesting and amazing new things along the way.  Oh, what fun Science is!  It’s the one subject, that when we get going, I have to be really deliberate about watching the clock, or else entire afternoons are gone before I know it.  I’ve also enjoyed this unit and how we have blended science with art. 🙂 Did you know many districts do not start teaching… Read more »

Hi all.  I’ve got some SCIENCE FUN to share with ya! A couple of weeks ago, we started a special little science unit on the human body, which I’ve titled “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” (yes, of course we are putting that wonderful verse to memory as part of our unit, and eventually, the entire chapter as well).  I was disappointed to find that the K-1 science book we are using this year, has only the teeny-tiniest little section on the human body,… Read more »