Up late last night, wrestling and searching and thinking long past a decent bedtime.  My mind is going in a million different directions after spending an evening with dear friends, and homeschooling buddies, as we talked about next year, possible changes, definite changes, and how best to guide our growing children…how to teach them in a way that is best for them and their ever-changing needs, how to not lose focus of what is most important in their education~pointing them… Read more »

 Parents new to homeschooling (as well as some who have been on that path for a while), at some point, all tend to deal with very similar obstacles, among these: fear of failure, curriculum-choosing-confusion, and a general sense of personal inadequacy to take on such a monumental task. Those new to or interested in homeschooling need only go to one homeschooling fair to be utterly overwhelmed when they realize the OCEAN of choices  available to home-educators.  The first year I went,… Read more »