Have a peek at the cutest littleThanksgiving place settings you’ve ever seen.  I’m only sorry that I’m just now getting around to posting this.  We worked on them a couple of weeks ago, but they were finally finished (and stuffed) only this morning. I originally thought these up as a cute way to add some fun to the kids’ table, as each one is “stuffed” with a gingersnap cookie and a mini cupcake, but I couldn’t resist making a few more to… Read more »

Leaf Lanterns! Aren’t they just so pretty? I’ve seen this idea so many times and have always wanted to try it out.  This year we finally did, and they turned out great! Creating a few leaf lanterns is a simple & beautiful way to make use of all those colorful leaves you and/or your kiddos collect each fall.  We used leaves we found here in our neighborhood and community (after we pressed them for a few days inside of heavy books). If you didn’t collect… Read more »