Hey Mamas and Papas.  Do you have any pre-readers in your house?  Any emerging readers who you’d like to see a little more interested in reading? Does it ever seem like your kids lose interest quickly when it comes to books?  Here are a few simple ways you can get your young ones to not only read more, but to truly love reading. 1. Offer tons of variety, and ALWAYS, a fresh supply of books.Get to your local library and bring… Read more »

My kindergartner loves to read.  That is, she loves hearing books read aloud to her, and then “re-reading” them herself through the pictures.  She loves telling stories and does her best to write and illustrate them too. She was obsessed with books from the time she was 9 months old.  I can remember her sitting in her crib for long periods of time before and after her daily nap, using her chubby little fingers to carefully turn the pages of her… Read more »

Libraries are magical, aren’t they? I love ours, and no matter what kind of day I am having, I am able to relax the moment I walk through the doors. What’s not to love about the Library?(besides the occasional crankypants librarian who seems to think that children ought not to visit). But let’s focus on the many positives: First, the smell of books.Come on.  Tell me that’s not one of the best smells on earth.  And the older the library, the… Read more »

I don’t like to cause anyone stress.  I prefer to inspire and encourage. For example, I feel badly when I post about big projects we enjoy doing, and some of you come away with the feeling of, “Oh my word. Who on earth has time for that?!  I’m overwhelmed just looking at it.” Big frown. I don’t like to cause these feelings.  At the same time, I DO so enjoy big projects.  I frequently bite off more than I should, and… Read more »

Today, we created homemade books. Lots and LOTS of homemade BOOKS. Some are BIG and tall and rather plain (for now!). Others are teeny tiny Some are quite fancy. With embellishments or pockets to make them more interesting to potential readers. Some have flowers and buttons, and pretty scalloped pages. And nifty inside covers, perfect for tables of contents! Quite a few have fun, seasonal, kid-friendly covers.  But ALL of them are filled with pages.  Clean, blank pages, all ready to go.  They’re ready… Read more »

Oh, how I wish I would have found this idea a few years ago when I first started introducing letters to my daughter, who is now in Kindergarten. Nevertheless, it has been a WILD SUCCESS so far, and is still totally reinforcing everything she is learning right now. This idea, in its entirety, was borrowed from Pink and Green Mama, and can be found here, as well as several other places on the internet. But good ideas are for copying, tweaking and re-sharing, don’t ‘cha think?  =]… Read more »

A few nights ago, I re-read one of my daughter’s favorite books to her at bedtime, called Little Mommy. This time, as we snuggled up to read, I told her why I chose this particular book: “Hunny, this book reminds me so much of YOU, because everyday, you’re learning how to be a little mommy too, aren’t you?” And this time, I watched her face as I read each page, and in her sparkling eyes, I could almost see her entering the storybook and becoming… Read more »