It’s that time of year again, ya’ll, and here is the big fat curriculum post you’ve been waiting for. If you follow along with my shenanigans on facebook, you may have already heard me going on about some of this, but for all the other researching / curious / curriculum-confused readers just stopping in to see what another mom is using, this post has all the details. But can we please just start with a few pictures of summer vacation? *click… Read more »

It’s mid July, which means we’ve been on summer vacation for 6 weeks already, and already I’m starting to see a few tell-tale signs that I MIGHT be ready to get back to our regular routine here in a couple weeks (we do June 1-Aug 1 summer vacation).  Ask me last week, and I would have said heck no, I’m not ready! But oh man, already, I’m starting to get that itch! Here are 10 reasons you know you might just be… Read more »

If you’ve been reading here long, you know that our classical-style homeschool is modeled closely after the beautiful, natural Charlotte Mason Philosophy and Method of Education. Yet, if you were like me a few short years ago, just beginning your homeschool journey, you may be wondering who IS this Charlotte Mason lady, and what do her methods look like exactly?   Where to Begin? This topic is vast, and I could write much about how our home life and home education… Read more »

Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.  Even all the hairs on your head are numbered.  So do not be afraid; you are more valuable than many sparrows. Matt. 10:29-31 Here with our eyes we read plainly that we ought not be afraid since our Lord’s tender care of even the tiniest and most insignificant creatures is evidence of His ability to care for our needs, yet, how… Read more »


{A warm welcome to readers switching over from our old site, The Crafty Homeschool Mama!} I’ve been wanting to create a running chapter book list for some time, and this week, as school came to a close, I finally got around to doing it. Like most of you, here in our home, we read aloud daily.  On an ideal day, we read first around the breakfast table, then again during formal school time, then again at teatime, and lastly, at… Read more »

  Hellooooooo world!!!!  Finally, finally, we have the new blog site up and running are beginning to get it all organized. A big huge welcome to all my returning friends, and to new readers as well.  I can’t wait to get writing over here and have been working on a whole pile of new posts for you, but I thought it was only fitting to show old readers the reason for my blogging absence these past 3 months…. Many of you… Read more »


{Ideal for Younger Children} Scheduling continues to be one of the most requested topics I get asked about from other mamas.   New-to-homeschooling moms are dying to know how to even begin to structure their day to “fit in school” plus everything else, and even veteran homeschoolers are often seeking help in this area of time-management and the establishment of routine. There is a reason we all want to tear into these sample schedules like hungry vultures. Each of us desperately… Read more »


Psst. You’re Invited… Those in the greater Pgh area are invited to join us THIS Saturday, March 8th for the  29th Annual Greater Pittsburgh Homeschooling Workshop & Curriculum Fair  where I’ll be offering a dynamic workshop titled  HANDS-ON HOMESCHOOLING  with Joanna Silveira Join blogger and Classical / Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom of 4 (<—That’s me, ya’ll!) as she shares how to make active, meaningful and creative learning a regular part of your homeschool. **Are you homeschooling elementary aged kids with… Read more »

Winter Diorama

This week we pulled out this wonderful little shoe box diorama that the kids and I made last February. It’s a perfectly calm and quiet wintery scene and pretty much mirrors this month’s weather here in western PA. Because we utilized the box’s lid as well, we were able to close it and store it easily on a closet shelf and bring it out from time to time for imaginative play. To make this diorama, we started with a very… Read more »

Homemade Valentine's Day Boxes

Do people still decorate Valentine’s Day boxes to hold the special cards and notes received on February 14th? As a child, this was one of my most favorite parts about Valentine’s Day, and my mom always let us bust out the craft supplies and she’d sit with us around the table as we created our special boxes. Now each year, I enjoy taking a bit of time to help my own kids design and decorate their own card-holders the week… Read more »