For years now I’ve wanted to do a big blog post about our ever-evoloving campsite, which I often talk and share photos of on Facebook, and we all love so dearly, but I’ve never actually posted about here.  I thought it was time to tell the story of how this magical space came to be. The first thing I must tell you is that the land and woods which we call “our” campsite, is not, in fact, ours.  We actually… Read more »

Counting down the days until Passover and today I put together the goodie bags for the kids.  I had been collecting candy and small toys for the past week or so, and it was fun to finally put the bags together.   These were lots of fun to put together, and the kids are really going to be excited to open them on the night of Passover. Here’s what I used for each plague: Plague #1 Water to Blood —… Read more »

  Last week, in Part 1, I talked to you about our new schedule and how well it’s been working for everyone. This week, I kinda ate my words. Our “extracurricular” schedule was overfilled and so more than once, we began our day LATE.  The toddler seemed to interrupt more than last week, and something new: a couple different times, the kids got bored/restless at their 30-minute stations, and wanted to switch…which I allowed…but regretted when they threw fits when the timer went off after… Read more »

Homeschooling, especially with multiple-aged kids, can be really difficult. There are so many logistical, practical details that continually need to be worked out, and many of us get so overwhelmed, that we end up stuck in a place where we simply accept (however unhappily) that a certain level of stress, frustration and discouragement is just part of life.  We are tired. We are disorganized.  We are discouraged that we’re always on edge, or that we lose our temper too much and fail… Read more »

Wanted to share a photo album of our time spent last week at Meadowcroft Indian Village in Avella, PA. The trip fit right in with where we are on our history time-line and it was great to change our perspective from the early colonial lifestyle in the 1600s to that of the Native Americans. Many of the kids dressed up in costume and we all had a great time learning about the Eastern Woodland Indians, including the Monongahela, who lived… Read more »

We joined a weekly homeschool co-op this year that meets each Friday.  Because my kids now join over 150 other kids for a morning of classes (including gym for all, every week!) we are left with only 4 days to get all our regular stuff done for the week.  Typically, I like to reserve Fridays for a make-up day, or a field trip, but this year, I had this grand idea that after co-op, I would build an art-hour into Friday afternoons and make that… Read more »

*** God is not an ER Doctor who only repairs our hurts; He is a Master Surgeon who plans our hurts in order that He might do us greater good.  -John Piper *** The following excerpt from The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis explains the dangers of percieved self-sufficiency and how God sometimes allows crisis and pain as a gift of grace. “If the first and lowest operation of pain shatters the illusion that all is well, the secondshatters the illusion that what we… Read more »

A covering. Here is the very thing for which our souls yearn. It’s a truth I am reminded of each time that my children run to me, crying in pain. Mama, I’m hurt! I need a band-aid!  As they unknowingly weep this confession, their owies and tear-streaked faces preach the same sermon to me again and again, and it’s nothing short of gospel truth. We need a covering. It’s under a covering that we are hidden, for it clothes and conceals us, protecting… Read more »

  Family vacation this week~ oh, what blessed joy! There have been hours of sitting and soaking in the sunshine and sand, playing in the waves with the children, the gift of an empty schedule, and the quietness of soul to read and pray and write.  It’s truly more than this mama could ask for! This morning, I was reflecting back to when I first began my homeschool journey, and remembering with a grateful heart, the lessons learned thus far from the many trials and triumphs that… Read more »

  One thing I am asked about over and over is how I map out, plan and organize our lessons for a homeschool year.  Today’s post is an edited version of a response I sent to a reader who wrote in to ask about this very thing I thought I’d share it here for others who may be interested in knowing how we plan our year. I find that if I do not begin with a solid plan of action–what I want to… Read more »