Counting down the days until Passover and today I put together the goodie bags for the kids.  I had been collecting candy and small toys for the past week or so, and it was fun to finally put the bags together.




These were lots of fun to put together, and the kids are really going to be excited to open them on the night of Passover.

Here’s what I used for each plague:

Plague #1 Water to Blood — Fruit Gushers (I only used the red and blue and left out the yellow)

Plague #2 Frogs — Gummy frogs

Plague #3 Gnats or Lice — Nerds

Plague #4 Flies — Plastic flies

Plague #5 Diseased Livestock — mini animals from Michael’s

Plague #6 Boils — Pink Flarp from Dollar Store

Plague #7 Hail & Lightening w/ Fire — Jumbo white gumballs (Target) & Hot Tamales

Plague #8 Locusts — Zelda’s Chocolate Marshmallow locusts.  We only had a few, so we also used small brown and green Sixlet candies for some baggies.

Plague #9 Darkness — Black licorice

Plague #10 Death of Firstborn — Small, painted wooden clothespins, with felt tunic hot glued on, and wrapped mummy-style in felt (since they were Egyptian) 🙂

I found small 3×4″ baggies at Michael’s and used these to parcel out the candies/toys.

I made my own label stickers then put one of each of the 10 plagues into my party/treat bags and tied them up.

These little candy bags will serve to make this holiday even more special for our children.


This will be our 3rd year celebrating Passover as a family, and each year, our children’s appreciation and anticipation for this holiday grows. We are born-again Christians but as such, we understand that we have been “grafted into the cultivated root” of Israel.  It is therefore, our privilege to “also receive the blessing God has promised Abraham and his children, sharing in the rich nourishment from the root of God’s special olive tree.” Romans 11:17


If you have never heard of believers in Christ celebrating the Passover (or other biblical feasts), I would encourage you to find a messianic seder taking place near you, and attend it as a family to understand the significance of the Passover in the lives of New Covenant believers.

All first century believers, including Christ our Lord, celebrated the biblical feasts, and understanding how the feasts are made full in Christ will bring a depth and richness to all aspects of a believer’s life.

It brings me joy to hear my children talking together about who will be the one this year to find the afikomen and to see their understanding of the original communion table grow as we share the matzah and wine on Passover, and remember Christ, our great deliverer, who has brought us out of the Egypt of sin and death, and has redeemed our lives by his sacrifice.


I highly recommend Sam Nadler’s book, Messiah in the Feasts of Israel.



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