Last week, in Part 1, I talked to you about our new schedule and how well it’s been working for everyone. This week, I kinda ate my words. Our “extracurricular” schedule was overfilled and so more than once, we began our day LATE.  The toddler seemed to interrupt more than last week, and something new: a couple different times, the kids got bored/restless at their 30-minute stations, and wanted to switch…which I allowed…but regretted when they threw fits when the timer went off after… Read more »

Homeschooling, especially with multiple-aged kids, can be really difficult. There are so many logistical, practical details that continually need to be worked out, and many of us get so overwhelmed, that we end up stuck in a place where we simply accept (however unhappily) that a certain level of stress, frustration and discouragement is just part of life.  We are tired. We are disorganized.  We are discouraged that we’re always on edge, or that we lose our temper too much and fail… Read more »