Wanted to share a photo album of our time spent last week at Meadowcroft Indian Village in Avella, PA. The trip fit right in with where we are on our history time-line and it was great to change our perspective from the early colonial lifestyle in the 1600s to that of the Native Americans.

Many of the kids dressed up in costume and we all had a great time learning about the Eastern Woodland Indians, including the Monongahela, who lived in this area in the 17th century.

We learned about the tools they used to build, gather, garden, and hunt.  Highlights of our visit included getting to go inside the temporary teepee shelter and the wigwam (much more room in there than you expected!), throwing the atlatl at a target, grinding corn using a mortar and pestle, and feeling/holding furs of many different kinds of animals.

Next week we will return to Meadowcroft to tour their colonial village!

If you are in the Western PA region and studying the early-modern period of history, you should truly consider a trip to Meadowcroft–you’ll find it to be well worth your time.

Click to see an enlarged photo with caption.

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