We joined a weekly homeschool co-op this year that meets each Friday.  Because my kids now join over 150 other kids for a morning of classes (including gym for all, every week!) we are left with only 4 days to get all our regular stuff done for the week.  Typically, I like to reserve Fridays for a make-up day, or a field trip, but this year, I had this grand idea that after co-op, I would build an art-hour into Friday afternoons and make that a regular thing.


Well.  Last Friday was our first co-op day and let me tell you, I was completely SPENT when it was over.  I also had 2 of my 4 kids melting down (baby needed a nap SO badly), we left later than we should have, and on the way home, in desperation, we went through a drive through for lunch (GAH).  It was 3:30 before I knew it, and all my ideas about having a nice leisurely art time with the kids went out the door.

But this week, I planned better. I high-tailed it outta there as soon as classes dismissed and before baby melted down.  I successfully transferred him into his bed without waking him.  I had soup waiting in the crock pot and lunch was easy peasy.

I was SO much less-stressed.  I let the kids play for a while after lunch, and then:

I busted out the art supplies.  =]
Since we woke up to 54 degrees today in western Pennsylvania, I thought these fall leaf prints would be fitting. I am a little bit partial to leaf-art this time of year, how about you? {be sure to check out our Watercolor and Glue Resist Leaves from last year}.

We created these together on the back patio, and the kids loved it.  The weather was perfectly sunny and cool, and we were all relaxed.

This also proved to be a great quickie-art lesson.  You probably have everything you need already in your home.  If you don’t have tempura paint, you can use acrylic (just be sure your kids’ clothing is covered).

We used:

::Large pieces of construction paper

::Tempura paint {white and fall colors}

::An assortment of fresh leaves & a few tiny acorns

::Paint brushes and sponges

::Paper plates for paint & LOTS of paper towels for messes.
(be smarter than me and cover your work area with some newspaper first)

Check out the full tutorial over at  Deep Space Sparkle (also one of my favorite art sites)!


4 year old's piece

4 year old’s piece


My 6 yr old’s–loving his colors. So vibrant


My 8 yr old's lovely finished piece.

My 8 yr old’s lovely finished piece.

My kids added a 3-D element by gluing acorns on to their dried artwork.  And my 6 yr old found a feather which he glued to his as well.  I think they all turned out lovely.


Remember when you’re doing art with your children, that it’s really more about the process than a finished product.  Join your kids in creating if you’re able~I enjoy art as much as my kids do, and when I keep it simple, I find it to be therapeutic.

This “art hour” turned out to be just what the doctor ordered for a relaxing end to our week.


I’ll try to post more of our Friday art lessons as we do them this year.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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