We joined a weekly homeschool co-op this year that meets each Friday.  Because my kids now join over 150 other kids for a morning of classes (including gym for all, every week!) we are left with only 4 days to get all our regular stuff done for the week.  Typically, I like to reserve Fridays for a make-up day, or a field trip, but this year, I had this grand idea that after co-op, I would build an art-hour into Friday afternoons and make that… Read more »

*** God is not an ER Doctor who only repairs our hurts; He is a Master Surgeon who plans our hurts in order that He might do us greater good.  -John Piper *** The following excerpt from The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis explains the dangers of percieved self-sufficiency and how God sometimes allows crisis and pain as a gift of grace. “If the first and lowest operation of pain shatters the illusion that all is well, the secondshatters the illusion that what we… Read more »

A covering. Here is the very thing for which our souls yearn. It’s a truth I am reminded of each time that my children run to me, crying in pain. Mama, I’m hurt! I need a band-aid!  As they unknowingly weep this confession, their owies and tear-streaked faces preach the same sermon to me again and again, and it’s nothing short of gospel truth. We need a covering. It’s under a covering that we are hidden, for it clothes and conceals us, protecting… Read more »