Family vacation this week~ oh, what blessed joy! There have been hours of sitting and soaking in the sunshine and sand, playing in the waves with the children, the gift of an empty schedule, and the quietness of soul to read and pray and write.  It’s truly more than this mama could ask for! This morning, I was reflecting back to when I first began my homeschool journey, and remembering with a grateful heart, the lessons learned thus far from the many trials and triumphs that… Read more »

  One thing I am asked about over and over is how I map out, plan and organize our lessons for a homeschool year.  Today’s post is an edited version of a response I sent to a reader who wrote in to ask about this very thing I thought I’d share it here for others who may be interested in knowing how we plan our year. I find that if I do not begin with a solid plan of action–what I want to… Read more »

It’s that time of year again, ya’ll, and here is the big fat curriculum post you’ve been waiting for. If you follow along with my shenanigans on facebook, you may have already heard me going on about some of this, but for all the other researching / curious / curriculum-confused readers just stopping in to see what another mom is using, this post has all the details. But can we please just start with a few pictures of summer vacation? *click… Read more »