It’s mid July, which means we’ve been on summer vacation for 6 weeks already, and already I’m starting to see a few tell-tale signs that I MIGHT be ready to get back to our regular routine here in a couple weeks (we do June 1-Aug 1 summer vacation).  Ask me last week, and I would have said heck no, I’m not ready! But oh man, already, I’m starting to get that itch!

Here are 10 reasons you know you might just be ready again for another homeschool year:

1) The homeschool area has a fresh summer makeover and is lookin’ lovely and as tidy as can be. Inviting, too.


2) Stacks of new literature fill the shelves and you have to keep a book or two going at all times to pre-read them all.  We’re going into Early American History this year, and so most of our new books fall into the category of “living history books.”  Cannot.wait.

3) You are unable to resist buying piles of no. 2 wooden pencils and presharpening them all (and sniffing them nostalgically).

4) You get a cool, breezy (fallish?) summer day and your heart skips a beat and you think it MIGHT be sorta nice to have a wee bit more routine around here. Plus morning school routine in August isn’t so bad when you can still spend your afternoons at the pool.

5) You find yourself out with homeschool girlfriends, and you spontaneously spend hours talking about, planning and scheduling in units and field trips and outings for the next school year.

6) You begin dreaming big about all the cool things you would love to do in the next year (visit Colonial Williamsburg w/ best friends?), and you actually begin fund-raising to make it happen (wanna buy a cookbook anyone?)



7) You start reviewing and thinking seriously about curriculum and begin choosing between the lesser of the evils carefully making your selections, while reminding yourself that there’s no such thing as a perfect curriculum and living books are proven to be more effective anyway.

8) You forget #7 and convince yourself that somewhere out there, there MUST really be a perfect math curriculum (or at least one that doesn’t make your daughter cry) and you decide at the last minute to buy it (thus changing math curricula for the 5th time in 3 years).


9) You start cleaning and organizing like a mad-woman because there is NO WAY you can think about starting school in 2 weeks when the house looks like this.  You lose a few pool days, but in staying home and working hard, you suddenly have an office space that you actually want to be in!  And wow, the pantry is not exploding anymore. And you finally finish painting and setting up your daughter’s bedroom (<— ok, that one hasn’t happened yet, but it will soon).


10) You remember that you really do love doing this thing called home education.  It’s fun and adventurous and richly rewarding to learn alongside your children and to have the privilege of being their teacher and mentor and guide.  You get to sleep in, stay home, steal endless snuggles on the couch reading, and selfishly, you love that for right now, you get to have all their hours and days, their great big smiles, belly-laughs and even their tears.  You’re thankful for it because you know that this thing called childhood is fleeting and you won’t always have them so close.

So embrace it, mama. Be enthusiastic and live fully for what’s left of your summer, but know that the next school year is a whole other adventure, just waiting for you, and you know what? It’s going to be wonderful.




One thought on “How You Know You’re Ready for Another Year of Homeschooling

  1. Amy

    We do the year-round thing, so for me it’s more like “realize that the new school year starts in 3 weeks and realize that I’ve got to put away the last year’s materials and tidy up the school room!” =) We’re taking most of August off and will begin our new year after Labor Day. I’ve got all of our curriculum and that sort of thing ready, but the school room could use a once over!

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