{Ideal for Younger Children} Scheduling continues to be one of the most requested topics I get asked about from other mamas.   New-to-homeschooling moms are dying to know how to even begin to structure their day to “fit in school” plus everything else, and even veteran homeschoolers are often seeking help in this area of time-management and the establishment of routine. There is a reason we all want to tear into these sample schedules like hungry vultures. Each of us desperately… Read more »


Psst. You’re Invited… Those in the greater Pgh area are invited to join us THIS Saturday, March 8th for the  29th Annual Greater Pittsburgh Homeschooling Workshop & Curriculum Fair  where I’ll be offering a dynamic workshop titled  HANDS-ON HOMESCHOOLING  with Joanna Silveira Join blogger and Classical / Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom of 4 (<—That’s me, ya’ll!) as she shares how to make active, meaningful and creative learning a regular part of your homeschool. **Are you homeschooling elementary aged kids with… Read more »