Do people still decorate Valentine’s Day boxes to hold the special cards and notes received on February 14th? As a child, this was one of my most favorite parts about Valentine’s Day, and my mom always let us bust out the craft supplies and she’d sit with us around the table as we created our special boxes.

Now each year, I enjoy taking a bit of time to help my own kids design and decorate their own card-holders the week before the holiday.  We are still working on this year’s boxes, which I promise I’ll share with you if once we get them finished, but today, I thought I’d round-up the boxes we’ve done in the past for you to see.

This post features the birdhouse box, as well as my oldest son’s first car box.

This post details the instructions for making this ultra-cool race car box  My 5 year old is still using his as a keepsake box/ piggy bank up on his shelf.  
How cute is this guy? And yes, that is a homemade Valentine’s Day box.  I never shared the instructions for this puppy dog box I made with my son last year, so I thought I’d give you a quick photo tutorial of that one…
Supplies needed to make this super-cute Valentine’s Day pet box: 

:: 1 small oatmeal or coffee canister :: 
:: Faux craft fur (got mine at hobby lobby)::
:: Foam ball ::
:: Half of a paper cup ::
:: 1 black craft pom for the nose ::
:: 1 Pair of extra large googly eyes ::
:: 4 Wooden dowels for legs (you could also use tp rolls) ::
:: Hot glue ::
:: Utility Knife ::

*One thing we did to add some extra stability to our puppy dog was to wire the foam “head” onto the “body” using a thick piece of wire.  This kept the head from popping off, since toddlers are not exactly gentle with their toys, and sure enough, a year later, our puppy is still hanging around the house in pretty good shape…though the boys did take it upon themselves to give it a haircut a few months ago, leaving him a bit bare in some spots. 

Looking for something a little different than the traditional shoe box or tissue box to start with? 
Last year, my daughter bought a paper mache mailbox and decorated it similar to this one, and it turned out great.

Need some more all-BOY box ideas?
Check out this mama’s post!  I am lovin’ this guy’s airplane!

My 3rd wanted to make a minion box this year, so that’s what we’ve been working on with this pic as the inspiration:

And my daughter and I are working on something fairy-ish at this point–though, with construction about to begin in our house this week, I will be amazed if it gets finished in time. Fingers crossed!
Happy Valentine’s Week, and enjoy creating some special things with your kiddos.