With Valentine’s Day looming, I thought I’d better round up some ideas for ya’ll.

My kids, like most, really enjoy Valentine’s Day~making special cards for their friends and family, and call us old fashioned, but we still enjoy decorating Valentine’s Day boxes to house all those special love notes.

But this year, I gotta admit, I’m behind.  I don’t have as much time to do what we’ve done in previous years, and those ready-to-go Valentine’s from the grocery store, with the little red  heart stickers are sounding mighty tempting right about now, but I think in the end, my older ones especially, will still want to make their own Valentine’s cards.

So here is a round-up for you of cards we’ve actually made and loved.  Some are very simple, while others are more elaborate, and/or more sugar filled.

Hopefully there is something here for everyone! Enjoy!

My daughter had an owl theme going last year, and together, we made about 20 of these ridiculously cute owl treat boxes.  Each one held 3 or 4 chocolate candies. Find my full tutorial here. 

Candy Airplanes

We found these featured at this blog, and my oldest son kinda went crazy when he saw them.  All that candy in airplane form!  What is not to love?  They were fun to make, but to keep cost down, we only did a few.  I’m not actually sure he even gave Valentine’s Day cards with them, ha! I do remember they were well-received. 🙂

Candy Robots
My (then) 3 year old loved making these robots so much last year, he’s already asked to do them again. The heads are made of starburst or tootsie rolls (how cute are the “pigtails”?) and the bodies of the robots are mini hershey candy bars, wrapped in various colored papers.  We accordion folded arms and lets and added googly eyes, hearts, and smiles, and they were done!  So cute!

Owl Love You Forever Pencil holder Cards.
Looking for a  non-candy card option?  These were a hit last year.  Totally great as a last minute option–we printed from here and it couldn’t have been easier. My daughter gave them to the members of her Keeper’s Group.  Another great printable that’s totally free! We printed on white card stock and used dollar-store heart pencils on each. 
Here is yet another printable owl card that is adorbs. 

My boys are really into Star Wars toys and so I’ve already printed a pile of these cards for our card-giving this year.  
At the site, you’ll find directions for how to make your own, but unfortunately, no downloadable printable option.  I made it work by copying the photo above, cropping it a bit, and printing the image right onto card stock.   Now they’re waiting for my son to fill with glow sticks or pixie sticks for the light sabers.

Another easy printable card we’ve done in the past

I printed, my son filled a baggie with a car and the candy, then we stapled the bag topper on and they were done.  Easy Peasy. 
Heart People
I’ve saved my favorite for last, because, honesty, it doesn’t get much easier or more homemade than this.  Cut a whole bunch of hearts out, provide markers and glitter, and googly eyes and buttons and yarn…then let your kids have a great time decorating them and giving them personalities to suit the friends who will be recieiving them.  I’ve almost convinced my daughter to go this route this year. 
If she does, I’ll be sure to post photos of what she comes up with for her designs.

That’s it, see you soon for another Valentine’s Day Roundup.