This year, on the weekends, I’ll be linking up the good stuff that is currently inspiring me, convicting me, motivating me, or is otherwise too good not to share.  Plus, I’ll be giving you a sampling of what we around here are eating, reading, creating, enjoying, listening to, playing with, doing, etc.

First up…

This post from LifeinGrace ROCKED my world this week.  Completely.  

It’s what I know deep in my heart of hearts to be true, and why it feels so fulfilling to be home here with my kids, caring for their needs, and loving my husband well…and so upsetting when I don’t serve and love them from a gracious, humble heart.  Why? Because they are the neighbors I’m called to minister to

If you don’t follow Edie Wadsworth’s blog, you really should.  She’s an inspiration to me.  Pretty sure I’m somehow related to this deep-thinking, theology-reading, passion-filled soul sister in Jesus, and I just love her writing.  
Speaking of…somehow I missed reading this guest post from Edie over at Live Well Spend Less on 5 Tips for Raising Kids You Like.  
Read it this morning, and truly, it’s so good. And I knew right away which one I struggle most with–resisting the urge to {over} indulge my children. How about you?  
Are you Repenting, Resisting, Reading, Requiring Much and Redeeming the Time as you parent your children?  

This Week’s Good Stuff

What I’m reading aloud to the kids:
Sarah, Plain and Tall (My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and was sad it was so short, so I’ll have to pick up the rest of the collection too. I cry every time I read this little story).
Hardy Boys – The Tower Treasure (Brought home 2 H.B. books for my boys this week from the library…and since I brought them home, my (hunting for treasure-obsessed) 5 year old brings me the book at least once a day, and begs me to please read more).

The Hobbit (on the last chapter now, and reading from this most “precious” collector’s edition that I’ve owned since college days. Almost looks like it belongs on Bilbo’s shelf, no?)

The Dig, Vol. 1. (Book of Luke)
This is what we’ll be doing for this semester for Devotions, and one week in, the kids are lovin’ it already. Each lesson begins with a “Map,” then the “Dig,” (the passage itself), then finding the “Treasure” and finally the “Display.”  I give small tokens if they can answer the trivia questions at the end of the reading, and find the “treasure” that’s hidden in the lesson.  I truly love its simplicity and that it’s straight from the WORD itself. Good stuff.

What We’re Listening to:
Laura Story – God of Every Story

And for the kids: Tarzan Soundtrack

What We’re Eating and Loving:
This amazing Marketside Asian Salad kit, available at most grocery stores. When I don’t have time to make this favorite Asian salad of ours, this shortcut salad kit does the trick.  I add avocado and red pepper to ours to jazz it up.  Best short-cut lunch I’ve found in a while, and we’ve eaten it like 3x this busy, back-to-school week. And fyi, they’re 2 for $7 at Giant Eagle right now.

What I Baked:

Our all-time favorite Banana Sour Cream Bread.

This is a pretty large recipe that makes 4 loaves, but we often do part of the batch as muffins. I like to make it at the beginning of the week and freeze what we won’t eat that first day, then I can pull it out for breakfast or snack time as the week goes on or share some with a friend. So yummy.
Here’s our favorite healthy Banana Bread recipe, which we also make a lot. And don’t know–something about the millet just makes it for me.

What we created:

An Ocean-themed school space.

Ok, really, we’ve only just begun setting up our kitchen area classroom with our new science theme. We have lots more to add and I’ll share that as we go along. The teacher in me still just yearns to {every once in a while} decorate a bulletin board or two, and my changing up my homeschool nook is the closest I come to getting to do that.  😀
So far, I’ve been displaying books about swimming creatures, I’ve brought up our big jar of shells that we collected in Florida, and I put up the fishing net.  The kids had fun collecting sea creatures from their toy bins, and sticking them into the net and here and there around the school area, and I grabbed the sea star from the living room cabinet and stuck it up too.
I have lots more I want to add, but we’ll see how much we end up doing. 

Picture of the Week:

My 19 month old sweet-baby-love, Caleb, chatting away with his baby friends. 😉
And why does he look so big these days??  They grow too fast.

That’s all I’ve got for ya tonight–Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to stuff I really actually do love and use.