This Week…

What We’re In Awe of:
These gentle giants, and our amazing Creator God.

What We’re Creating Together:
Science and Art collide once again as we all work together to create original watercolor and oil pastel sea creatures for our Ocean-themed classroom area.  These have been an absolute blast to make this week, and about every 2 days, I let the kids each do another one.  The rainbow-y fish were cut out from scraps of painted watercolor paper!  

Here’s our Ocean Board in our Homeschool Area~the kids sit or stand here daily and play with their creatures.   And…not gonna lie, the baby tries to run off with as many creatures as he can get his little hands on (They’re adhered with sticky tack so the kids can move and play with them).

What We’re Listening to:

Hymns for a Kid’s Heart book/cd sets are a great way to teach hymns to your children and the books are beautiful devotional tools. Volume 2 is probably our favorite because it has the stories of the hymn writers, which are wonderful and often moving.  
We also love this set:
We usually start out day by playing one of these cds.  

What We Enjoyed Reading this Week:
One of our all time favorite silly picture books, but revisited this week with all the painting we’ve been doing…
Hilarious and fun.

And another favorite:

We’ve read it many, many times, but this week we used it in Math to reinforce telling time.
The grouchy lady bug tries to fight a different insect or animal every hour of the day, and when he at last reaches the large blue whale, the author illustrates and teaches young readers about the 15 minute time increments in the most creative way.  
Also, I never noticed until this week, but the sun is shown in its proper place in the sky for each hour..going up first, then slowly down until it sets. 
Don’t you just love Eric Carle’s books?  


I finished Hobbit with my oldest last week, and we’re a couple chapters into Lord of the Rings now. Oh man, my little book worm is thoroughly enjoying it.  We read together for 20-30 minutes each night after the little boys fall asleep, and I’m sure it will take us forever and a day to finish the story, but we are loving it.

While we continue reading about all things Ocean-y in science, in history this week, we spent all 5 days pouring over this fantastic picture book in history as we covered the Mongol Empire, Kublai Khan’s lavish kingdom, and the life and travels of Marco Polo.
We got our copy from the library, but this book is def. on my homeschool-library wishlist.

It’s truly an outstanding elementary biography that uses copies of original period art work, maps, and excerpts from Marco Polo’s own journal to retell his adventure. Included are the fascinating stories that should be shared when studying history.  I read aloud one or two chapters a day, and my 4, 5, and 7 year old kids ALL loved it.

Favorite Lunch or Dinner Shortcut:
Ready-to-go Pizza Dough

Ok, it started with these little .69 cent bags of dough mix  from Giant Eagle. Surprisingly good pizza for only .69 cents.  But then I learned a tip from my friend Becca. 

Ready to go dough balls. Delicious.
And you get
20 xlarge frozen dough balls for $16. 

You guys.  
We had a pizza party the other night and my girlfriend used the Sam’s Club dough to make indiv. pizzas in cast iron skillets and it was LEGIT. 
Here’s what you need to know–to buy it, you have to go to the front of the store where they make and sell their pizzas and buy it there. 
Super simple, quick and cheap lunch or dinner option. Buy a case, freeze it, and thaw as needed.

Picture of the Week:
Getting caught with the kids (just outside the craft store) in the crazy whiteout snowstorm we got yesterday. Such huge, wet snowflakes were falling at dusk and our walk to the van was truly magical. 

Have a great weekend, friends!