Just a few snapshots from life and school today.  

 This guy is feeling a bit better.  Woke up so happy and slept in his bed most of the night….we’re all coughing still, but everyone is finally fever-free.
Our 4 year old Si, working hard just after breakfast to earn some “treasure” by naming his letter sounds.
 Only allowed to take the chips off of the sound cards he knows!
 My very proud little preschooler.  He is about as interested in academics as his older brother is (who is a year and a half older than him).  The natural competition ocurring between them has been motivating for both to work hard. 😉

 We built a number line on the kitchen floor today…

 And my very visual oldest, and kinesthetic 2nd had a great time adding and subtracting by moving up and down the spaces.
Here’s Eden practicing the last of her unmemorized addition facts on her number line.  
Yup. 7+4 really is 11!  
My precious girl.
 And yes, we all stayed in our pjs ALL DAY today.
Enjoying lots of visitors at our feeders still…

In science the kids brainstormed a chalkboard full of sea creatures…
And my oldest gesso-ed a black shoe box that we’ll be using as an ocean diorama all semester in our study of Ocean Creatures….
I’ll post about it as we go along.

 Meanwhile, these guys were busy building.  They called me in to see their “amazing fort.”
 Everyone had a great time playing in it until the baby wrecked it.  🙂  Can’t wait to send my kids outside  as the weather warms up a tiny bit (as in 40s instead of single digits).
 Today and this whole first week back at school, we’ve had some real break throughs in math, which is HUGE for my daughter.  She’s regrouping (finally) and our Math-U-See blocks and decimal street poster, below, have been so helpful (again, visual learner).  We’ve been working out of the 1st grade Abeka book for most of the year, with some Life of Fred and Math-U-See thrown in.  Today, I literally moved her up like 50 lessons from where we were working previously and she didn’t blink and eye.  We’re not totally up to pace, but I am just so thrilled to see her making some real strides in her understanding.  Thank you Lord!

 Now for some quiet snuggle time with my favorite people….