Hey fellow mamas.
I have been writing down my schedule for you all this week, but realized as the week went on, how very different each day can look from the day before or the day after.  Some days we are totally on it, and it’s mostly smooth-sailing and well-planned and I feel the reward of our hard work because we get to enjoy more leisurely afternoons where we are free to devote time to other things.
But other days…just don’t go as smoothly.  There are days, like today, when we still manage to get school in, but things are all pretty out of whack.
I’m going to start by sharing that kind of day with you, because, well… it’s more interesting and perhaps more realistic for many of us who have little ones underfoot, or who are just starting out on our homeschool journeys and a strong routine has not yet been established.  
I promise I will also be sharing what a better day really looks like, hour by hour, and I think you will see why [in general] it is so much more preferable to maintain some type of structure and routine when you decide to embark on this homeschool journey.

I’ve titled this sample schedule “The Long, Drawn-Out School Schedule.”  Alternatively, we could call it the “what happens when mom stays up til 2am to do homeschool planning with girlfriends instead of getting to bed at a decent hour” schedule.

Welcome to our day–today.

8:30am Woke up SO LATE this morning and am totally EXHAUSTED.  As in, kids are jumping on my body and I’m trying to slug myself up to find coffee and wondering why I did not have the sense to go home at a decent hour the night before.  I stay in bed for another 15 min, read the Word for a bit, then head downstairs.

8:45 Breafast w/ boys, Coffee, Hubs out the door.
This (or much earlier) is when I normally work with my 4 and 5 year old boys on Kindergarten stuff, letters and numbers, etc. and usually only every other day.  But today, we didn’t do anything.

9:00am 2nd grader wakes up.
9-10am 2nd grader eats her breakfast while I teach history lesson {just meaning I read aloud the next 2 -3 chapters of The Adventures of Marco Polo (a lengthy picture book we have been enjoying from the library) while she listens and eats}.  Pretty low-key, relaxed start for us, and not really our norm.

10:15 Busy baby goes down for morning nap.  {cue hallelujah chorus} 😉
10:15-11ish My 2nd grader finishes up an old history lap book she never totally finished before Christmas break…coloring, cutting, gluing some things into her folder.  I sit nearby, foggy-brained, and drink more coffee.

I get my 2nd grader moving into some hands-on science, sculpting some clay ocean creatures to go in her ocean diorama box. I totally cut out half way through, head upstairs and do some emailing, fbooking, then work on 2 blog posts while she sculpts and little boys build forts and play in living room.  Boys eventually join in around the table to work with clay.

I make homemade soup and sandwiches & feed the people lunch. As we eat, I realize it’s 12:30ish and we’ve haven’t done anything except some read-aloud history and a bit of art/science  😐  Time to get moving.

12:30-2:00pm   Try to finish all remaining school w/ 2nd grader 
…So for us, this is just NOT ideal to be working on school into the afternoon, but thankfully baby naps long today, maybe til 1ish? and we plug away.
We do:
Math lesson, practice sheet, timed test, plus oral review of calendar, time, facts…
Eden reads aloud 2 grade-level books to me and boys.
Phonics practice page, Grammar page.

2:00 Short break…kids play. I do laundry.

2:30 Realize we forgot science [Mama is struggling today] and we will never be able to finish this week’s lesson all tomorrow…so, I call 2nd grader back in from play so I can read Science lesson while she works on her ocean box and does her science journaling (drawing pictures, narrating what she learned from what I read..).

3pm We finally call it a day.

5 year old plays w/ baby in back yard for 1/2 hour.  7 and 4 year old color ocean pictures and play together at the table.  House and especially kitchen/dining area just gets messier and messier.
I get everything ready for kids to go ice skating.

4pm Big kids leave for weekly Ice Skating Lesson w/ Daddy.  –in other words, Phys. Ed. class.  =]
4-5:30 Baby takes afternoon nap.
Mom takes a deep breath, and thinks long and hard about cleaning up the house, doing laundry, or at least cleaning up lunch dishes in the kitchen.  Opts for laziness instead.  It’s Thursday after all, and I’m tired.  

6pm Meet up w/ family for dinner out after skating lesson.

Home 8pm, kids play for 1/2 hour, wrestle with daddy, the wind down, get ready for bed…
8:50 Kids laying in bed, listening to mom read aloud their devotions and other books.

9-10:30 Hang with husband, Clean house and…

…get ready to do it all again tomorrow.  Except the good news is that tomorrow is Friday.  And Friday is make-up day which means a lighter workload, plus it’s the start of the weekend, hip, hip, hooray!

Still, you can be sure this mama will tuck herself into bed at a nice, early hour this evening to avoid a repeat of this schedule tomorrow. 😉