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At the end of this week, we’ll reach our 100th day of school and will be having a little get-together to celebrate with the kiddos of our co-op.
Do you count up to 100 days in your classroom?  
The 100th day of school can be a pretty big deal for those Kinders and 1st graders, and it’s fun to find creative ways to help them understand the concept of 100.

First, you can read all about hosting a 100th day of school party HERE.

This post has ideas for projects (where each child has to bring a collection of 100 to show and tell), and plenty of ideas for food and games that can be enjoyed on the 100th day of school.

Last year, my daughter and I created a special shirt which she wore on the 100th day of school.  We used felt and fabric glue and it turned out great.  Actually, it’s held UP great too, and not a single heart has come loose after many wears and washes.
You can get the details HERE.

I have to say, my favorite 100th day of school project is making the self-portraits of what the kids think they’ll look like at 100.
These always turn out great and are a total hoot.

Here are my school-age kiddos self-portraits from this year–
 (themselves today, and at age 100).
I’m pretty sure these will be precious keepsakes about 10 years from now. 
Also, I’m loving my son’s 100 year old bearded face.  So cute.

Another favorite at our 100th day party each year is popping 100 balloons in 100 seconds.  
Always the kids’ favorite activity.

Other things we did at this year’s 100th Day Celebration:

*Show and Tell our Collections of 100*
*Put 100 sea creature stickers on an ocean poster
(we’re studying Swimming creatures in science)

*Put 100 toppings on a large paper pizza*
(20 of each: peppers, anchovies, pepperoni, mushrooms & basil, plus 100 pieces of shredded cheese!)*

*Measure out 100 feet in the gym where our co-op meets and take turns kicking balls 100 feet, racing 100 feet, etc*
During Class–*We also had every child complete a 100th day of school packet*

The activities for the packet included:

–Filling out a blank 100’s chart
–Writing their name as many times as possible in 100 seconds.
–Estimating which 2 jars of candy (of out of 5) had exactly 100 items in them.
–Creating two self-portraits-one current, and one as a 100 year old person.
–Counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s and 25s (numerous times).
–Answering Our 100th Day of School Questionnaire.

What a riot to hear what the kids came up with.
A couple examples for you:
I wish I had 100..._________
(“candy rooms” “cars”  “juice pops”) =]

I would NOT want 100…_______
(#1 best answer: “Moose heads staring at me when I wake up in the morning” #2 “Old men in my house”)  HA! Kids are too funny.

We also had them answer the question, “I know I’m 100 days smarter than I was at the beginning of the year because now I….” __________________________
Favorite answers: “can read” “can write in cursive” “can do math better” “can build legos better” 
Pretty cool if you ask me.  Our kids have come a long way, and it’s great to be able to celebrate these huge milestones.

We had a 100th day themed lunch, and those 100s were turning up everywhere on the kids’ plates. 

The mamas all had a great time too, and shhhh, don’t tell, but one of my personal favorite reasons for celebrating the 100th day of school as a homeschool teacher is knowing that we are past our half-way point in the school year, and only have about 80 school days left before summer break! =]

Happy 100th Day, everyone!


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  1. Amy Maze

    Fun! I remember doing 100th day of school stuff when I was a kid, but we haven’t done anything in our homeschool. I guess I should think about it! We are more year-round types, so we aren’t at 100 days yet anyways, so I’ve got time 😉

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