November 4, 2013.  The day after we fell back an hour for the end of daylight savings.

Our Schedule:

6:30 I am awakened by a little human alarm clock who had somehow made it into our bed in the middle of the night and never made it back out.   : / 

6:45 I realize I have no diapers and no coffee in the house. Need to run out before husband leaves for work.

6:50 get kids started on cereal, and use up remaining milk in the process. 

So it’s diapers, coffee and milk…

Husband is up and showering, and yells down that there is no shampoo to be found.
Right. So it’s diapers, coffee, milk and shampoo.

Put 7 year old in charge of baby for 15 minutes while I run to the drugstore for the necessities.  

6:51 I realize there is no gas in the van and pray I make it to the station. 
I do.  whew!

7am Begin wandering around Walgreens, trying to remember why I am there.  Spend a good 5-10 minutes picking out toilet bowl cleaner and other random things like bobby pins and hair bands before I get focused and grab the goods I came in for.  

7:15 Get to the counter and realize (once a line forms) that I’ve forgotten the milk.  Sprint across store to get it while holding up a handful of annoyed people.  

7:25 Realize I’ve forgotten coffee.  Stop at Starbucks for a bag and grab 2 large Pike’s Place for me and my man, who, no doubt, is wondering by now where I am.

7:40 Home.
Feeding the people, saying goodbye to my husband for the day.  I stare at my messy kitchen for about 5 minutes before walking out of it. Later.

8-9am Drink coffee, eat a bowl of O’s, read, laze around, play with the kids, pretend my house is clean.  

10am Baby goes down for nap.  I email and do some writing for a 1/2 hr or so, reluctant to be productive this morning.  

10:30 Yell at noisy kids and rein in two oldest to get some morning work done before we have to run a bajillion errands and head to the nursing home this afternoon.  

10:45 Ban 3 year old from kitchen because he is causing too much trouble.  (He hates when I pull his big brother in to do work because that’s his play buddy). 
Do math and letter practice with my Kinder while my 2nd grader does math, copy work and phonics.  
11:30 Send Kinder off to play, and work solo with my daughter on History & reading for another 1/2 hr. 

11:45ish [which somehow, because the kitchen clock was never changed, I thought was actually 12:45 and began to have a mild freak-out b/c we had an errand to run and none of my kids were dressed, nor had they eaten lunch, and we had Nursing Home in (what I thought was) an hour.  

11:46 begin total scramble to get out the door by 12noon (which I thought was actually 1pm).
–PB and J sandwiches, pickles, strawberries served up at lightening quick speed.
–clothing thrown on and hair done at record pace
–baby dragged out of bed at last second and plunked into van with a bottle and a pb&j to go.
–I round up our stack of stuff that needs copied and we head out the door to Office Max.  WHAT a whirlwind. I now have ONLY 45 min and the drive there and back to the Nursing Home will eat up at least 25 min of my time.
Van clock was also never changed, and so I still did not realize I was scrambling for no good reason.  
I race into town, and drag the 4 kiddos into Office Max.  
I stand at the copy desk trying to organize all the workbooks and pages I need copied.  I tell the lady I’ll be back for them because I need to run next door to the craft store.  15 min? I ask…she tells me it’ll take more like 1/2 hour.  : /  
I begin to realize as I drag the kids next door to get some things we’ll need for our arts and crafts activities in history, that I will indeed be late for the Nursing Home.  

 ??? At who knows what time I race up and down the isles…faux flowers. Floral tape. Wire.  Done.  
At the counter I ask the gentleman for the time, and prepare to cringe…
12:57 he tells me.

Thanks, I say, as I turn away…and then it hits me.  TWELVE:fifty-seven.  Not ONE:fifty-seven!!
Good grief.  I have a whole hour to spare!

1:15. I pick up all my copied materials, and with so much extra time to get things done, I pick up ink for our home printer and some folders for school stuff.

1:25 Leave Office Max, kids report that they are “starving.”  

1:30 Pull through McDonalds and get 4 oatmeals with fruit and raisins, and a 2nd coffee for mama.

1:45 Home~just a quick stop to grab another bottle for baby, a diaper, and a punch balloon for volleyball with the seniors.

1:55  Leave for Nursing Home, thankful it’s right in our neighborhood!

2-3:30 Loving on and serving the seniors.  Played Clue Trivia  and visited room-to-room with the children.  3 year old was in a B.A.D. mood.  Disrespectful and cranky to me and his siblings.  Had to be disciplined in bathroom.  Improved slightly, but still a bit sulky.  Kids were each given pockets full of candy, which the seniors were giving out in abundance this week, presumably b/c of last week’s trick or treating.  This only served to amplify bad behaviors with the already-cranky toddler, and candy had to be confiscated.  : /

3:40 Kids & stroller are loaded BACK into the van, and we head to the Library.  

4pm.  I suddenly remember I owe $$ for a missing audio book/cd set.  : /  Have to stop at the ATM for some cash. 

4:10 We park at the Library, and I turn around to see my baby boy is fast asleep.  : / 
 I seriously so want to be home by this point, but need books pretty bad for History & reading.  So I make a plan…Oldest will push the empty stroller in, 2nd oldest will carry my purse and basket.  We’ll all stay super quiet, and I will carefully carry sleeping baby in, wrapped in a blanket so he can STAY asleep and I can pick out books in peace while kids play and read in the children’s department.  

Baby wakes up the moment the cool air hits his face. : /

Toddler boy continues with bad, bad attitude and has to have timeout at Library.  
Kids play with building blocks and play house and read books and play computer games while I begin searching out books.
The 2nd hour there, the baby is now fully fussy and wants to be held.  I strap him in while I go grab a few more books.  While my back is turned, he apparently wiggled out of his straps and “was about to fall out onto his head” when another mom came to his rescue.  So embarrassing, and the dirty looks were pretty bad.  : ////

I shoo my kids up to the front desk to check out and pay for lost book.  5 year old pushes baby around in circles in stroller to keep him from melting down.  

6pm  Load all the kids and books and stroller back into van and head for home…
Husband will be home in next 15-20 min, and I have not even considered dinner.  
Kids are “starving” again.  : /

6:15 Pull into Chipotle.  Drag kids in, order take-out, drag poor kids out, and finally–FINALLY–head home with kids and all our books and food.

6:30 Husband’s home.  We eat together and share about the crazy day.  I stare at my messy kitchen for about 2 minutes before walking out.  Tomorrow.
Because right now–I. am. weary.  

7-8pm kids wrestle with and play hide and seek with daddy while mama goes into a quiet corner to just SIT.  
8pm. Baby’s down.
9pm Big kids are down.
No bed time stories tonight.  To be honest, no one even brushed their teeth or put real jammies on.  

Some days…just aren’t ideal.  
Some days you bite off more than you can handle.
Some days you feel like life beat you up a bit.
Some days are just too rushed and hurried and you remember how much you hate “dragging” your kids here and there and everywhere, and they hate it too.
Some days you feel all you really did was “make it through” the day, but you didn’t really LIVE well, or enjoy the things that matter most.
Today was one of those days.  And because we homeschool, we’ll probably have many days along the way that feel like today did.  
Days like today remind me of the things that ARE important, because I missed them.
Doing life slowly and deliberately with my children.  Enjoying the gifts they are, and this time I have with them.
Building relationships. Staying home, and staying the course–

Today I am thankful for what the less-than-ideal days can teach me.
And I’m thankful that tomorrow’s a new day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “{Not} an Ideal Homeschool Schedule

  1. Jordan

    Just an internet stranger and fellow mom who has been enjoying several your blog posts this afternoon. Thank you for sharing honestly about this hard day. I have days that look like this and it is comfort to know that other moms do too. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus!

  2. Kathleen

    Hi Joanna! Just wanted to send you over a quick note! I saw you and your kids yesterday in service and wanted to say ‘hi’ but missed you on your way out the door. Your kids really are too cute! Hope all is going well with you and Christian! Hopefully we run into each other soon! 🙂 – Kathleen Bloss

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