For when I begin to believe somewhere in the recesses of my heart that mothering is a burden and not a ministry…When my spirit recoils with resentment because all I do is cook and clean and wash and wash and clean and cook…For the lonely moments when I struggle that my life was supposed to consist of “more than” the  wiping of noses and counters only to get up the next day, and the next, to do it all again…For… Read more »


Let the Children Come Unto Me | Vogelstein, Oil on canvas “Aw, mom, can’t you read us a little bit more?” they begged from the back seat.The nearly two hour drive from our home in Pittsburgh to visit my family in Ohio had gone by in a flash as I told the riveting stories of Abraham, then Isaac, then Jacob, in complete, colorful detail to my 4 intently listening children.  My Bible sat open on the empty seat beside me,… Read more »


November 4, 2013.  The day after we fell back an hour for the end of daylight savings. Our Schedule: 6:30 I am awakened by a little human alarm clock who had somehow made it into our bed in the middle of the night and never made it back out.   : /  6:45 I realize I have no diapers and no coffee in the house. Need to run out before husband leaves for work. 6:50 get kids started on cereal, and… Read more »


Early last spring, as I began to more fully embrace a Charlotte Mason style of Classical Education with my children, I stumbled across this Charlotte Mason’s Attainable List for Children Who Are 6 (YEARS OLD)” and let’s just say, I was aghast:   This list would have been written during Charlotte Mason’s career, sometime around the turn of the (20th) century.     People.  Do you not marvel at how dumbed down our modern academic expectations are?   Until that… Read more »


A rainbow right under my nose…  The most delicious-looking cotton candy clouds at sunset… Children who delight to help–racing to peel slippery skins off of tomatoes faster than Mama can chop and can them, and a small kitchen that works hard this time of year… The most beautiful, windy-sunny autumn days, and the blessing of being able to be home to enjoy them with the ones who need me most… A baby who sleeps through a Science Center omnimax movie… Read more »