Hi friends.
I wanted to share a neat project my daughter and I did LAST fall, that I never got around to posting here on the blog. 

You could say it’s our take on a carving pumpkins.  😉 

Actually, I first found the idea on Gail Bartel’s always amazing site, and my miniature-loving gal and I loved it so much, we used That Artist Woman’s directions and did our own non-Halloween version.

Here is how we did ours.

To start, you need one of those carve-able imitation pumpkins found at the craft store.  Read the tag carefully and double check it’s the hallow kind before you buy it!  

Then, using a utility knife, cut out a large opening.  You can make it rounded or whatever you want.  
Using acrylic paint, my daughter painted the floor of the “house” first.  Don’t worry about messes on the walls.  The wall paper will cover it.

At this time, if you want any windows, cut them out with your utility knife as well.  We did one on each side.  My daughter painted around the window frames using the same brown paint.
Now begin gluing up your wall paper with tacky glue.  Similar to That Artist Woman’s version, we did book page print on top, and I let my gal glue it any way she wanted. Don’t you just love book page print in a project?  I sure do.

 Small hands work great for this part.  I’d get the strips ready with glue, and she’d stick ’em up.  Don’t forget to go all the way up to the ceiling of your pumpkin house.
 Next, cut strips of another color of scrapbook paper for the bottom section of wallpaper.  We thought this yellow-orange fall paper was so pretty.  Glue it up, leaving the excess along the bottom…then trim it off using your utility knife.  
 See how nice it’s already looking?  
 Next we divided the two wall papers with a strip of fall-colored ribbon.  Just glue it right along the center where the two papers meet.
Meanwhile, as you craft away…


 The laundry can wait~cuz now it’s time to decorate! 😀

We decorated our house with:
~Some small items from the dollhouse (mirror, lantern, food)
~Some craft store finds (hay bales, battery tea lights) 
~Some recycled items from around the house (fabric covered toilet paper roll for table and another one for the light fixture, fabric scraps for curtains, and 
~Some homemade items (shelf, books, artwork, fall banner).

We hung our curtains up on a toothpick.
Our banner is cut construction paper that is stamped using our tiny alphabet stamps. 
Here’s an idea:
You could do a “give thanks” banner and decorate your table for Thanksgiving!  How cute would that be? 
The books and the shelf are made using Woodsies from the art supply store.  We painted several and glued them together to make the books. This was one of my daughter’s favorite details.  
Woodsies were also used to make the outside window shutters.  Toothpicks were painted and pushed into the soft foam to make window sections.
My gal made that adorable miniature fall art using a woodsie square, some acrylic paint and a piece of string.  On the table, you can see a bowl of “fruit” which is actually some faux berries from a sprig of fall foliage, which my daughter just glued down onto a wooden plate from her doll house.  You could also use Sculpey clay to make some pretend food.
 Our little light fixture is a toilet paper roll (cut down) and glued to the ceiling.  The battery tealight fits snugly into it but can be removed to turn the lights on or off.  My daughter loves keeping hers on at night when her room is dark.  🙂  It’s cute to see the whole pumpkin house glowing. 
 We also made a little hole in the (tp roll) table so that when it is cleared of food, we can push another tealight into the hole and have a glowing lantern on the table as well. 🙂

 That’s it!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of our pumpkin house!  

Happy Fall Crafting, and stay cozy out there.

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  1. Gail Bartel

    I Love it!! Really like the artwork on the wall as well. You and your daughter did an amazing job…love the lantern idea on the table. I’d forgotten how much fun this was to make. Thanks for the link. 🙂 and your kind comments on my blog.

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