This past month, we learned about the Golden Age of China and the rise of Korea and Japan during the Middle Ages.  While I was hunting for some fun ideas to reinforce our learning, I stumbled across this picture of candy sushi made with marshmallows.  
And oh man.  I. JUST. couldn’t. resist.  

It really did not reinforce ANY of our learning, HA! but oh my, were they sure were fun to make with the kids!

When we had our big day on China and the East, we shared the tray of sushi with the kids after lunch…

 See the flat marshmallows?  I had no idea they even made those (apparently, they’re for s’mores!), but when I saw them, I thought they’d be perfect, and they were!  The little Sweedish fish fit on top perfectly, and we wrapped a rolled-out tootsie roll around each one.  We also used:
Red pull-apart licorice, Dots, sugar-coated, rainbow-striped candy “belts,” (??) and other sour candy strips, sour gummy worms (cut up), and for the “ginger” and the mini roses, we heated starburst candies for a couple seconds, and shaped them into whatever we wanted.  My 7 year old accidentally made one rose, then we made a whole row of them because we thought they were so cute.  
It was a sticky fun activity, and the kids enjoyed helping to create each type of “sushi.”  😀

We had SO much candy and marshmallows left, we decided to do a little to-go box of candy sushi for each kiddo in our homeschool group.  I found a great 3x3inch printable box template online, and printed it out onto bright-colored cardstock I had in my stash.  We folded and glued the boxes together, filled the with goodies, and tied them with a ribbon.  They were so pretty.

That’s it~hope you enjoyed the pictures.  This was a sweet little activity and the kids went absolutely crazy over it.