This past month, we learned about the Golden Age of China and the rise of Korea and Japan during the Middle Ages.  While I was hunting for some fun ideas to reinforce our learning, I stumbled across this picture of candy sushi made with marshmallows.   And oh man.  I. JUST. couldn’t. resist.   It really did not reinforce ANY of our learning, HA! but oh my, were they sure were fun to make with the kids! When we had… Read more »


It’s that time again…. JOIN US…tomorrow, Thurs, Sept 26th, for another day of HOMESCHOOLIN’ in the PARKDETAILS:So what exactly IS “Homeschooling in the Park?”It is simply a time where mamas and their kids (plus any dads who can make it!) can come together for an INFORMAL day of relaxation, exploration, campfire fellowship, food and fun.We will be meeting once again at the BEAUTIFUL Mingo Creek County Park not far from Rt 79.Our group meets from noon until about 4pm, but please… Read more »


{Photos: Our beautiful pastel-resist insects~taking over the walls! || Fresh-picked sunflowers AND acorns~reminding us that autumn is near || Little boys reading~oh the JOY! || Some cuteness, coming your way || A beautiful Ohio day in the country || With my grandmother~learning to make her dumplings ||  With my children~how blessed I am to have them close each day || A clear calendar~Teach us O Lord to number our days… }     Last Friday marked our 20th day of… Read more »