Hey all you local (to Pittsburgh) families!  If you haven’t had a chance to join us for one of our monthly Homeschooling in the Park Dates, mark your calendars now for these last 3 dates for this calendar year:  After that, we will pick back up in spring with warmer weather.  August 22nd  <———TODAY!September 26thOctober 24th Remember it this way: we’ll be meeting on the 4th Thursday of the month for our remaining dates.One other minor change for the fall months is that we will… Read more »


Guess who needs more practice with her manuscript?  ME!  Can you find the typo?  :O As I was looking ahead to the next couple chapters in Story of the World, I thought I’d share where we’re headed next and some of the hands-on things we have planned.   The next section in Story of the World covers Christianity spreading to Britain via Augustine, who became Archbishop of Canterbury.  The chapter discusses Monasticism, why the Dark Ages were considered to be dark (at… Read more »


As promised, here are the photos of our very first Living History Event of the schoolyear. At each event, we will try to focus on the BIG IDEAS that we want the kids to come away with.  We prepare props and simple costumes before hand, then spend the day dressing up and acting out the BIG IDEAS together. These events are always, always a big hit with the kids, from the 2 year olds to the grade-schoolers.  And why not?… Read more »


Just a quick sneak-peak for you today of the living history event we have planned for this week. The kids were eager to try on their costumes and do a little role-playing before our big event.We’ll be joining with friends in our homeschool group and kicking off our studies in the Middle Ages with a two-part reenactment.  **UPDATE: See all the official pics from our big day HERE!  First up: the fall of Western Rome to barbarians!The toga-clad girls will… Read more »