Hey all you local (to Pittsburgh) families!  If you haven’t had a chance to join us for one of our monthly Homeschooling in the Park Dates, mark your calendars now for July 25th!  We’d love to have you there, and we’re pretty sure you and your kids will love it too.

Here’s all your info for next month, and please check out our Homeschooling in the Park Photo Album on my Facebook here.  

So what exactly IS “Homeschooling in the Park?”

It is simply a time where mamas and their kids (plus any dads who can make it!) can come together for an INFORMAL day of relaxation, exploration, campfire fellowship, food and fun.


Date: Thurs. July 25th
We will be meeting once again at the BEAUTIFUL Mingo Creek County Park not far from Rt 79 

{click here for directions}

Our group typically meets from 11am until about 4pm, but please come and go as you are able.  Some families enjoy coming earlier to explore the park, and a few even stay through until dinnertime.  You can do whatever works for you and your crew.

During the summer months, we will be meeting at the main, large playground which is located along the main road, past the covered bridge & pavilions 1-4.  Although there is no pavilion at this location, there are many picnic tables, wide fields, a large playground, bathrooms, and {most fun for the kids} a lovely shallow creek perfect for wading and exploring.  There are also two grills at this location.  

ALL ages are welcome, and if you have older kids, we could certainly use help with our campfires (spring and fall) or any grilling.
Moms are reminded to bring a change of clothing for each of your children, and camp chairs or a blanket for the ground or table.  We strongly recommend that your kids wear water shoes, rain boots, or some other play shoes that can get wet, as they will want to explore and enjoy the shallow creek. Swim suits are also a great option (each time, there are multiple children soaked, head to toe), and it’s hot out, so why not?

Moms with babies: please join us! And bring your baby carrier if you’d like to do any walking, as not all areas are stroller accessible.  We tend to park in one main location for the day, so pack and plays also work great to keep little ones safe, and provide a spot for napping if you stay through the day.

You may also want to consider bringing along sporting equipment for you kids, or even bikes as there are large open fields and many bike trials.

LUNCH: Each family needs to pack their OWN lunches & snacks. If you plan on grilling out, please bring  your own charcoal and lighter.
As we do each month, there will be a table set up for foods you may want to bring to share (desserts, marshmallows for roasting, etc), but this is not necessary.

 ART in the PARK:

In the month of July, we will have a couple picnic tables set up where I’ll be offering a summer art project for the younger children (PreK-3rd grade).  The cost is $1 per child (as I will be supplying all materials).  This month will be Eric Carl-inspired painted paper butterflies.  Older students can help if they are able and interested.  🙂  Our Art in the Park class will take place 3-4pm.

Finally, please PASS ALONG the invitation to any stay-home moms or homeschooling families who would be interested.  All are welcome, and no rsvp is necessary.

Hope to see you there!

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