Hey all you local (to Pittsburgh) families!  If you haven’t had a chance to join us for one of our monthly Homeschooling in the Park Dates, mark your calendars now for July 25th!  We’d love to have you there, and we’re pretty sure you and your kids will love it too.Here’s all your info for next month, and please check out our Homeschooling in the Park Photo Album on my Facebook here.  So what exactly IS “Homeschooling in the Park?”It… Read more »


It’s summer and I’m going through the house, room by room, cleaning and organizing now that we’ve taken a deep breath and a couple months off school.  It feels good to get everything tidied back up again, and also to make some adjustments to our current homeschool set up. {In case you missed my first post on homeschool organization, here it is (warning: super long post!)}. Around here, we do most of our formal homeschooling at either our breakfast table,… Read more »


Monday. 4:45. Baby’s up too early, screaming for milk.  I roll out of my bed to scoop him from his, and pray he goes back to sleep once he’s fed.  I drift in and out of sleep, my mind wanting to start the day already, but my body no where near ready. 6something.  Toddler’s at the side of the bed, asking for help putting on a superhero costume before the clock even reads 7.  Good grief. 7:30. Kids begin full… Read more »


When I began my Homeschooling Journey, I had already taught for almost 10 years in the public schools, so I definitely knew the challenges and failures of that system.  But as most people are certainly aware, even in such a deeply flawed system, there are many loving and passionate teachers (and many born-again Christians), who are 100% committed  go above and beyond to help their kids succeed.  (oh, I do so hope that I would be described by my former… Read more »