In March, I had the privilege of hosting a workshop on Creative Organization at our local Homeschool Curriculum Fair.  I shared about freeing up our clogged and cluttered spaces up so we can get out there with our children, and enjoy the abundant life we were designed for.

One of the highlights of the day, for me, was connecting with other homeschooling and SAH Moms here in my neck of the woods (Western PA).  But as I left the workshop, a sad feeling hit me of I’ll probably not see most of those women again after today.  That really bothered me, since many of them were local, and had expressed (before, during, and after the workshop) the very same thing I often feel–the desire–really, the NEED to connect with other moms who are on this journey with us.  

Not everyone has an ideal co-op available to them in their area, or one that is a good “fit” for their educational style, interests, or schedule.
Then, sometimes, there ARE some really beneficial homeschooling helps and associations available to us in our areas, but they are often the more structured types–evening workshops where we have to leave our nests and our families for a night, and while we gain valuable information when we are there, we are often left wanting in the area of friendships and fellowship with those real-life moms who were sitting next to us. When the meetings are over, we each have to rush back to our busy homes, and sadly, we never really feel we connected (at least not very deeply) with the very people we wish we could have!

We hail from the Charlotte Mason crowd, and if there is one thing we enjoy, it’s the informal & relaxed atmosphere of learning that is encouraged in her methods.  

So this idea was sort of born to provide an informal day of fellowship for moms and their kids, once or twice a month, where we could just share life together, with no formal agenda, no expectations, and that we could do it in the greatest of all settings–the wide open outdoors, enjoying God’s grand creation. 

Hiking and Campfires and Creek-bed Exploring. Walking and Talking and Building Relationships.  Relaxing and Spending Time OUTside our Houses with Like-minded Friends.  Those are the names of our planned “workshops” at each gathering.  Do any sound interesting to you?

If so, I want to invite you, if you are (even somewhat) local, to come join us.  
Would you consider it?  And if you are sitting there, reading this at your computer, lamenting that you are too far away to take part, may I suggest that you make yourself available to do something similar in your own area?  You may be surprised, when you put it out there, to see how many mamas are interested in joining you.  

Here are the details of our event, which we plan on continuing once or twice a month, as we are able, from Spring through Fall.

Homeschooling in the Park


Pittsburgh-area HOMESCHOOL mamas (and SAHMs)…I am SO VERY excited to invite you to a monthly event we have organized called “Homeschooling in the Park” where mamas and their kids can come together for an INFORMAL day of relaxation, exploration, campfire and fellowship together. 


We will be meeting in PAVILION 6 at the BEAUTIFUL Mingo Creek County Park not far from Rt 79 (click here for directions, etc). 

Our FIRST get-together will be THURS. APRIL 11th from 11am-4pm, come and go as you are able. 

LUNCH: Each family needs to pack their own lunches & snacks. We will have a fire going throughout the day, and some hot dog sticks will be provided, if you want to pack dogs for your family’s lunch. 
Pavilion 6 offers a fantastic playground, bathrooms, beautiful wooded landscape with creek beds and waterfalls to explore, walking trails, and wide lawns. 
ALL ages are welcome, and if you have older kids, we could certainly use help with the campfire.
Moms are reminded to bring jackets, changes of clothes for your kids, a blanket for the ground or table, and RAIN BOOTS or other water proof shoes for your children, as it IS Spring, and they will probably end up exploring in some muddy or wet areas.  If you have wee ones, we would encourage you to bring you baby carrier so you can enjoy some hands-free walking.

I will let you know via The Crafty Homeschool Mama FB page if we will be canceling for any reason, including RAIN, SNOW or temps less than 45 degrees (Mercy, I hope not, but this IS western PA so you just never know).

Out-of-towners, please consider coming for the day even if it’s a bit of a drive…I know you’ll be blessed!


Hope to see you there!

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