Water beads.
We just can’t get enough of ’em.
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall–any season is the right season for water bead fun.

We’ve used them countless times as an indoor activity around the kitchen table and outdoors for endless hours of sensory fun at our water table.

We are a tiny bit obsessed with these super absorbent polymer “beads” which swell up when water is added.
Have you tried them yet?  
You really should.
Don’t buy the ones they have in the craft stores that are already swollen.  
They’re expensive to buy that way, and anyway, half the fun is “growing” your own.  

It only takes a few hours for the beads to swell up to full size, and the kids love seeing them go from tiny “babies” to big old fat daddy water beads and playing with them as they change shape (from smooth and hard, to bumpy, to soft and squishy),

We enjoy growing water bead rainbows…

And sorting them by color, size or shape
Or creating lovely purple & pink water-bead-fairy-wonderlands
 Have your little lego or playmobil people join the fun.  These girls are harvesting “fruit” from the orchard.
And below, we used some water beads as hail when we acted out the 10 plagues of Passover.

So many options and so many hours of colorful sensory fun!

We buy our water beads UN-hydrated from places like Michael’s, Walmart or online from Amazon.  Sometimes they are called Orbeez, Crystal Soil or Water Gems.

Naturally, you would NOT want to use these with toddlers who are still putting everything in their mouths to taste-test.  🙂  
Water beads are not food
regardless of how temptingly beautiful they make look. 

Happy Water Bead Sensory Fun!

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