Hi there friends.
For today’s Spring project, I’ll show you how to make a simple, live moss wreath.

It’s seriously so easy.

Before we get started, here is some moss wreath inspiration for you from the wonderful land of pinterest:

Live moss wreath with sphagnum and succulents added.
Square moss wreath ~ I just LOVE this!~ why not use an old frame to hack this project?
{looks like they opted for dried moss here}

A simple, live moss wreath works great in spring OR fall decor
This one uses dry moss, but it’s still so lovely.

If you don’t have live moss to use, fear not, you can use dried store-bought moss as well, and adhere it with a glue gun for an easy variation of today’s project.

But why not collect some of your own, for free? 
This is the  perfect time of year for moss-collecting, and almost any kind would work, depending on the look you want to achieve.  

I wanted a smoother wreath, so when I found this in our woods, I grabbed enough to cover my 12″ wreath form.  This is similar to the dried sheet moss you’d buy in the craft store, as you can see.  It’s pretty thin.

Ok. Let’s get going.

For today’s tutorial, you only need 4 items:

* Moss
* A wreath form
* Hot Glue Gun (if using dry moss) OR Floral Wire (if moss is live)
* Wire cutters or scissors

I picked up my floral wire at Walmart for less than $3 in the floral department.

 So to begin, just grab any of your pieces of moss, and sort of wrap it around one section of your wreath and hold it in place…
 Then go ahead and wrap some floral wire around it once and twist to secure it.
 Here’s a closeup…oh, and don’t cut the wire until you’re finished wrapping the wreath!
 Add another piece of moss (placed snug against the last piece)…

…and continue wrapping the floral wire tightly around as you add each section.
 Continue until the whole thing is covered and tightly secured with floral wire, then twist the wire under itself and cut.
 As you check over your wreath, you’ll probably notice little bare areas that weren’t covered completely…
 Just use a tiny piece of moss and fill these gaps in.  Sometimes you can move your wire slightly to hold  the patch in place, but if not, just cut a small piece of wire to wind over that area and tie it off at the back.

I love the simplicity of the finished wreath.
Told you it was easy!

And guess what? 

A florist or high-end shop would charge you a LOT of $$ for this (think $100 and above!).
Crazy, huh? 

 I had some burlap left over from Christmas, so I made a bow for mine, just like Williams Sonoma’s fancy shmancy $119.65 + shipping look-alike.

 And then I marched downstairs and switched out my lovely, but wintery white wreath on the front door…
 For my new spring wreath:
Simple, Homemade, and Lovely.

 Welcome, Spring!

See you tomorrow {the first official day of Spring!} for Day 3 of our Bring in Spring! tutorials.

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