Welcome Friends!  

I wanted to share what we’ve been up to around here, and introduce a little blog series I’ll be doing, beginning Monday.  

Basically, I’ll be featuring 5 simple, nature-themed projects for you  (two that the kids will also enjoy, and the rest simply to beautify your home).
Each tutorial will be easy and cost-effective~or FREE depending on what you already have on hand.
And of course, each one will feature items found out in nature.  

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel inspired by nature, and I’ve noticed over the years that I am drawn to nature-inspired decor as well.  I find it to be very relaxing.
By bringing nature in, specifically plants, we can breath life into a room, give it color, visual interest, and warmth.
And what better way to welcome the changing of the seasons (first day of Spring is March 20th) than with some nature-themed projects!

Now…while there is nothing I love more than the shedding of winter and welcoming of spring, one thing I simply can’t stand is walking past store windows in springtime–it’s all pastel bunnies and eggs and cutesy decor that –sorry– screams gaudiness and commercialized Easter.  Personally, I just don’t love it.  Not even a little bit.  Plush forest animals and fluttering fairies have no place in my spring decor.  That’s just me.  

But acorns and pine cones and branches and ferns?  Now we’re talking.  Tiny green things, springing up from the soil? Trees and new buds?  Oh yes.  Found birds’ nests (or natural and realistic-looking fakes?)  Lovely. 

And moss?  Moss I like so very much.  

Yes please. I could stay here all day.

My next home

Let’s park right here and talk a bit about moss.  

Take a walk through the weed-free woods right now, and you will find moss in all it’s beautiful glory, covering everything.  It thrives this time of year with all that moisture to sustain it.  

I rounded up some help from a few fellow botanists the other day to do some collecting:

We found MORE than enough…

As we walk through the woods, me and my kids, we “pet” each new kind we find.  And there are lots of different kinds~each one lovelier than the next.  Can you see the different varieties we found?

Here’s some of the the moss we collected for our projects.

Moss, by the way, is a non-vascular plant.  It does not have “tubes” running through it by which it carries water…instead, it absorbs water, like a paper towel does.  So there’s a little bonus botany lesson for ya, free of charge.

Moss is quite durable and amazing stuff too.  

Did you know….
You can bring some moss home, blend it up in a blender with a bit of beer or yogurt, water and some hydrated water beads, and you can take this “moss milkshake” and paint it with a brush onto garden rocks, pots you want to age, or in between your patio stones!  Wait 3-4 weeks, and you’ll have moss growing everywhere you painted its spores.
Moss prefers shade, but some kinds even live in the desert! It can dry out and be revived over and over again.  Incredibly tough stuff.

AND it looks great, doesn’t it?  So pretty, and relaxing.  Ahhhh, moss.

As soon as I find out where this place is, I’m moving there permanently.

I hope you will grab your kiddos and plan an afternoon where you can take a hike through the woods, collecting, or spend the morning at a park or along a bike trail to get inspired and enjoy the changing of the seasons.  Perhaps this weekend?

While you’re out there, be sure to grab some moss~let’s just say it will be our featured item in a few of our projects this coming week.  Remember to look for varying species and colors, and to take a bit from each area where you find it, but don’t remove it ALL from one place.  Moss is a great sustainable resource, but be respectful to the environment as you are collecting.  Keep an eye out for other “nature treasures” while you’re at it…a special branch or two, a few river rocks…whatever catches your eye and looks interesting.

And then…
Come on back Monday for Day 1 of our “Bring in Spring” Tutorials!
See you then!