Early in the month of March, we began preparing our hearts & the hearts of our children for the Passover/Easter Season by sharing specially selected Bible stories & books together as a family.  We’ve done several really wonderful hands-on activities, and as always, shared many informal conversations together…all of this building, building, building up to this week, where (just last night) we celebrated our first ever whole-family Christian Passover Seder, and this weekend, as we prepare for our Resurrection Day… Read more »

Every once in a while, we go to our local Max & Erma’s because…well, frankly, the kid’s love their $1 ice cream sundae bar, and I like their warm, baked-to-order chocolate chip cookies (hey, when in doubt, have dessert first).  Sorry Max & Erma, but our kidlets don’t really like anything ELSE on the kid’s menu (think: chicken fingers, corn dogs, mini pizzas, and other creepiness), and I can’t say my husband and I are real crazy about anything they… Read more »

Water beads. We just can’t get enough of ’em. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall–any season is the right season for water bead fun. We’ve used them countless times as an indoor activity around the kitchen table and outdoors for endless hours of sensory fun at our water table. We are a tiny bit obsessed with these super absorbent polymer “beads” which swell up when water is added. Have you tried them yet?   You really should. Don’t buy the ones… Read more »

*** Hello and welcome to our final day of our Bring in Spring! Series.I’ve saved the best for last, and today’s tutorial also includes a Kid’s Easter Bible Study. You’ve seen these lovely little Easter / Resurrection Day Gardens by now, I’m sure.  They are both beautiful and meaningful, and actually quite easy to make with your children.   We’ve made them for the past two years right around this time, and they’ve served as a wonderful little teaching tool… Read more »

True story:  When I was 10, I raised a family of wild baby birds. For who knows what reason, I went through this stage where I was obsessed with finding birds’ nests.  I used to wander through our woods, and–get this–pray earnestly, through {real} tears, asking the Lord in heaven if He would please help me find a real nest with eggs in it, or at least help me catch (!!!) a real bird. Clearly, I was a very strange child…. Read more »

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep love affair with all things green and growing, the woods, and nature in general. It’s really just in my blood. I’m the 3rd of 6 children, and our parents raised us on the most beautiful 10 acres of Ohio farmland, most of which was covered with greenhouses. Horticulture runs deep in my family~my grandparents, aunts and uncles owned and operated a family greenhouse business & nursery for years before… Read more »

Hi there friends. For today’s Spring project, I’ll show you how to make a simple, live moss wreath. It’s seriously so easy. Before we get started, here is some moss wreath inspiration for you from the wonderful land of pinterest: Live moss wreath with sphagnum and succulents added. Square moss wreath ~ I just LOVE this!~ why not use an old frame to hack this project?{looks like they opted for dried moss here} A simple, live moss wreath works great… Read more »

Hi everyone! And welcome to day 1 of our week long series called “Bring in Spring!” For today’s SUPER simple tutorial, I want to show you how to create a mossy monogram to hang in your home. My hope is that you’ll get outside and collect some of your own moss to keep these projects REALLY low budget and even more “homemade.”   ***  Let’s get started, shall we? To make this project, you only need 3 things: *A thin… Read more »

Welcome Friends!   I wanted to share what we’ve been up to around here, and introduce a little blog series I’ll be doing, beginning Monday.   Basically, I’ll be featuring 5 simple, nature-themed projects for you  (two that the kids will also enjoy, and the rest simply to beautify your home). Each tutorial will be easy and cost-effective~or FREE depending on what you already have on hand. And of course, each one will feature items found out in nature.  … Read more »

Confession: when it comes to groceries, I am not really a thrifty person.I do so want to be though.As a health-conscious person and a vegetarian, I’ve basically spent the past few years trying to find a way to feed our growing (and meat-eating) family really healthy things while at the same time get my grocery bill under control.Easier said than done, right?Two kids ago, I used to be a coupon queen, but sadly, my reign didn’t last long. There just… Read more »