We’ve been busy making a set of these sweet little candy boxes to give away for Valentine’s Day next week.  Each one holds a few pieces of chocolate, and will undoubtedly delight their recipients.  On the back of each one, there is a space for the message~

“Owl Always Love You.”

 I thought you may be interested in making a few of your own, so here is the tutorial.

Each homemade treat box starts with a pillow box template which you can
Two templates will print per page, and you will need to print them on CARDSTOCK.  
{fyi, I did try one on printer paper, and it was a flop}. 

Once you cut the box out, you will need to lightly score along the dotted lines before trying to fold the flaps.

Pre-fold all the flaps, then re-open.

Add tacky glue along the long flap. This is the only flap that will need glued. 

Use your fingers to hold it in place for a few seconds.  Tacky glue doesn’t take long. {Hot glue would be even quicker}. 

Fold down the flap with the notch-out first, then close it up.


{If you’re making a larger set with your child as I am, it may be better to spend one evening making all the little candy boxes, assembly line style, then have your kids help with the easier decorating part of the project.}

Here is my kids’ favorite part: punching out the 15-20 hearts you’ll need for each owl.  One piece of 8×11″ cardstock will yield enough heart punches for two owls boxes.

And yes, we used a heart punch for ours, but if you are only doing a couple of these owl boxes, you won’t want to spend the $5-$10 to go buy a heart punch.  
You COULD just cut your hearts out the traditional way, shown here.  With cardstock, the fold shows up a lot more clearly, but I think it still looks nice when you line a few up (perhaps even more feather-like?).  You could cut your hearts from construction paper as well, and the fold wouldn’t show up so clearly.

Next, you’ll need two more hearts punched or cut from yellow paper for the owl’s feet and beak.  Glue the heart for the feet upside down like this, at the bottom of the box.  

Also, you’ll want to make sure when you start gluing hearts on that you do it on the side where the top flap is facing AWAY from you.  It just looks a bit more finished that way (as you can see in the final photo where I did some the other way as well).

 At this point, you could simply glue the heart “feathers” down, about 4 per row, slightly overlapping.  
That’s how we did our pink owls (with patterned cardstock feathers).  But for this purple set, we decided to try a glitter-dip for some of the feathers.

We dipped the ends of the hearts in glue…
And then dipped into some purply-pink glitter.  
Naturally, my kids loved this part!

Then we just did one row of glittered feathers, and one row of plain feathers.  You could also do every other feather with glitter, or just randomly dip a few feathers into glitter to add some pizzaz.
Just have fun with it.

Now from the leftover template scraps, you should find enough paper on each side to make a set of wings for your owl.  Just free-hand an oval shape.  
….And glue the wings on in whatever position you want.  We did some of our owls with one arm waving, some with both arms up open for a hug, and some down like this.   

Go ahead and glue the beak down now too.

Now for the eyes.  I used our circle punch for the whites of the eyes, but again, if you don’t have a circle punch, just freehand it, or trace around a coin (quarter would be a great size for this), and cut out.
I only have one circle punch, so I free-handed the pupils of the eyes.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Now for a little detail that will add some charm too.  We used a silver sequin for the glint of each eye.  

Here is another option…you could use large googly eyes if you have them on hand.  Much simpler to just glue the googly eyes down, though the paper route would be the cheapest if you’re doing a larger set.

And finally, the REALLY fun part when you’re 3 and 4 and 6 years old: stuff the owl boxes with some candy treats!

There is room on the back of the box to hand-write your 
“Owl Always Love You” message.

Other message ideas:
“Owl Be Yours Forever”
“Owl Be Yours if You’ll Be Mine”
“Owl Love You Forever”

 Ok, that’s it, friends.
Do two, or do a few!  Why not use up some of that extra scrapbook card stock you have in your stash and share the sweetness with someone you love?

See you again soon for more Valentine’s Day fun.

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