Hi guys.  Lovely little project to share with you today!

If you’re like me, you have a hard time throwing away those clementine crates you bring home from the grocery store.
We’ve used them for crafts (we recently turned one into a stable barn for our nativity set) and we’ve also used them to hold craft supplies in our home.

But today, my daughter and I made a beautiful doll’s bed using a clementine crate that was sitting around the house, and it turned out so sweet I just had to share.

We first saw the idea for this when we read the book, Crafty Chloe, from the library.  
Great book (and especially fun for crafty gals).
In it, the main character, Chloe, gifts a handmade doll’s bed to her best friend for her birthday.  And at the end of the book, a website is listed where readers can find the how-tos for making a similar style bed.

We checked it out, and there were step by step instructions and a video to boot.

We changed our design based on what we had in our craft supplies, but it turned out great.
I find that it’s especially rewarding to do a craft from start to finish ONLY using supplies I already have on hand.

For this project, we used:

:: 1 Empty Clementine Crate
:: Approx. 8×12″ piece of craft foam, trimmed to fit
:: Fabric Scraps (we used satin-y polyester) 
:: Scissors
:: Hot glue or tacky glue
:: Fancy ribbon
:: Acrylic Paint
:: Paint Stir Sticks (8-10, depending on design)
:: Piece of Chipboard
:: 4 inch foam paint-roller 

Here are the step-by-step photos and instructions.

To start, you’ll need an empty clementine crate.  
We removed all the paper and stickers from ours.
Then we hot-glued a piece of chipboard onto one end for the headboard.
Next, we measured and cut out a piece of craft foam to fit as the mattress of the bed.
 We went through the fabric scraps, and my daughter chose this hot pink satin-y polyester for her mattress cover.  
I cut it out and basically wrapped the foam up like a present using hot glue.
 To prevent fraying, I first glued the ends in (like a hem).
 Then I glued down the center back.
 And wrapped the ends just like you would with a gift box.
It’s not the most finished look, but when you are 6 1/2, you don’t care.  Plus, the bottom seam didn’t actually matter because we opted to glue the entire mattress down to the bed in the end.
 Next, we folded and glued down paper all around the bed frame like this….you could also paint the frame, but we wanted to cover over the staples.
 Then, we trimmed our paint stir sticks down to size.  My daughter liked this castle-y design, and so we went with it.  We may end up changing it to a canopy bed after a while.  
{For some reason, every little girl dreams of owning a canopy bed.  It’s like the ultimate in little-girl-bed luxury}.  But for now, this design works great.

Once we had our beadboard in place, my daughter painted it a lovely blue.
 And then we had fun blinging it out with sparkly ribbon all around…
 And wrapping up a little 4″ foam roller (from our painting supplies) into a decorative pillow.  We simply wrapped, glued, tied it off with string, and jazzed it up with the ribbon.
 We made a larger foam pillow (using the same method we used for the mattress), added a few hearts cut from our sparkly ribbon, and made a silky blanket (hot-glued hem again) for the top of the bed.
 Here is the fancy bed set up in our new thrift-store fold-up doll bedroom.  Doesn’t it look so cute?
 And here is the lucky little princess who gets to sleep in it the first night.  
All her dolly friends are so jealous.  🙂
Next we’re going to try to use another couple of these crates and make a dolly couch and a dolly table for our fold-up house.  

Well, that’s it.  But I bet now you’ll never look at an empty clementine crate the same way again~I know we won’t!

Happy Up-cycling!

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