I’ve been plowing through a pile of half-finished projects around my home this week.  Unfortunately, I am famous for impulsively starting something, making it to mid-project, then waiting weeks or months before I pick it up again and finish the thing {truth be told, 4 kids under age 6 MAY have something to do with it}.

Anywho, as some of you know from the posts about my table-makeover this past summer, it’s our dining room that has most recently received a face-lift.  The table looked so great in there, but with nothing else in there, and light colored, mostly bare walls, I couldn’t help but feel it looked kinda blah and empty as an overall space, like we just moved in or something.

So this week, I spent some time on the walls, and I thought I’d share it with ya’ll, because I’m loving how it’s looking so far.  It’s pretty much my favorite place in the house now.  I think I actually feel relaxed just looking in there.  It’s all nature-y and calm and neutral.  Call me boring, but I am loving the neutral palette these days, and room by room, I’ve been going lighter and lighter.  

Let me start by saying this is a SMALL room–barely even able to hold our dining table and chairs.  There is no room for ANY extra furniture, and so the walls are really the only area I can work with to add some warmth and character to this most used space in our home.  

So–on the wall coming into the dining room, I added a simple wreath (with a white ceramic song bird hot glued onto it), and 4 picture frames with pics of our kiddos of course.  I’ve actually had those frames hanging there, empty, for something like 9 months, so I am SO glad to finally have photos in them (seriously, it took me all of 5 minutes to upload these photos onto Walgreens website, then drive over an hour later and pick them up for a whopping $12.  Ask me why I put that off for so long??).  

I think I’m going to bring the lower frames up so everything is hanging at the same level.  Then I’d like to stencil No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 and No. 4  below the frames.  
But in reality, that will probably get done sometime next year.  

Here’s the wreath:

I’ve also wanted to put up one of those vinyl wall decals for FOR.E.VER. and I love this one we added above our mirror!!  Like, FINALLY, I got my butt up on a chair and stuck that thing on the wall–since it too, has been sitting around the house for over 6 months after I purchased it here.  Took all of 15 minutes.  I am not actually sure if this trend is in style anymore, but I don’t care.  I love it, and I love this verse, and I chose it because it is something I am desperately aware of these days–I am nothing but weak on my own, and truly, the Lord is the strength of my life.

Other details–
I stuck that wreath on my mirror last fall (using a command hook) and I rather like it there still.  Shame, though–that thing used to be green. I do love fresh boxwood, but dried isn’t so bad, right?

And what do you think of my paper leaf garland?  Would you ever hang such a thing in your home, or is it too…?  I asked my husband when he came home if he liked our “new” book page garland.  The man just stared and asked me what a garland was.  
Anyway, I am in madly in love with it.  

It cost me nothing but a bit of time, and I am thrilled that I can leave it up for as long as I want (as opposed to my Christmas garland which I finally {sadly} took down on Feb 1st).  I got my initial inspiration for this garland from The Nester.  Love her & love her motto for decorating.  And her garland is so awesome, hanging there so naturally from her gorgeous hand-painted hutch. You really should check it out (and learn how to make your own).
You can do amazing things with bookpages and hot glue, people.  So pretty.

Oh, and I decided after seeing so many beautiful plate walls, that I was going to find out how on earth people hang plates, once and for all, so I could hang a few myself.  Come to find out, it’s not that hard.  Especially when you have these things–hello awesomeness.  These work ok too, but you can see where the little wires come around to grab your plate.  I’ve been slowly buying up white and cream plates here and there, at thrift stores, TJ Maxx, and wherever else, and sticking them up on that wall, and on another wall in my kitchen.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with that little wooden 6 over by the plates.  I was thinking of staining it, or painting and distressing it, or somethin.  I just thought it was cute, and so I put it up.

Note: when taking photos, keep on the lookout for diaper-clad, gun-toting hulks who enjoy sneaking into the pictures.  🙂

So that’s our dining room.  This month anyway.  I have some ideas for bringing a wee bit of color in for spring, but nothing too crazy.  And I hate to say it, but eventually those sconces have got to go.  Not yet.  But someday.  Just a bit too dark and formal.

And…finally, how the room looks today, with a little change on the table top…

Now when are ya coming over for dinner? =]  Friends are always welcome.

I’m sure I’ll keep playing with the table set up in there as well as the walls, but that’s enough change (read: work) for one week.  😉

Do you enjoy cozying up your home with things on the walls, or do your walls tend to get neglected?  Add a little something, even if it’s something homemade, and I bet your home will feel a little warmer and more personal.

Room Details: 
All Ceramics: thrift stores, TJ Maxx
White bird: Hobby Lobby
Wall Decal: Dayspring
Lanterns: Ikea
Faux lime sprigs in vase: Pier One (old)
Sticks in vase: backyard tree  😉
Small step stool: Ikea
Rug, Picture frames and candle sconces: Pier One (old)

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