If you’ve got a Kindergarten-2nd grader, right about now, you and your kiddos are probably starting to think about the 100th day of school project.  Most schools encourage kids to put together a compilation of 100 items to bring to show and tell for their 100th day of School Celebration.  Some schools already celebrated last week.

While we homeschool, we still enjoy counting up to the 100th day, and getting together with friends to party.  So around here, all sorts of ideas have been swirling around, and not just for my first grader, but for my preschoolers too.  What collection of 100 will we bring to share?  
Decisions, decisions.

While scouring the internet for ideas, I noticed lots of pictures of kids wearing shirts with 100 items on them–anything from buttons or pins to googly eyes or stickers.

So my daughter and I started talking about this idea of wearing 100 items, but being the girly-girl that she is, she didn’t like any of the pics we looked at because they just weren’t girly or “cute enough” for her.

Then I thought–what about 100 hearts?  And I remembered the PILE of felt scraps I have in my fabric stash, and this 100-heart tshirt was born.

I was super lazy and just used an old white tshirt that my daughter already had in her closet.  It was sorta stained up and worn, but that was great because I wasn’t sure how this whole project would turn out, and if it actually look good after washing and wearing repeatedly.

We picked 10 colors for a nice rainbow effect, then got to cutting, and cutting and cutting…(10 of each color made it a bit more manageable to keep track of).
Depending on your kiddo’s scissor skills, you may have to do a good bit of the cutting for them, but even if you have to cut, have your child count out the 100 hearts and help with the layout.

We thought about placing the hearts on the shirt randomly, but we didn’t love how it looked.

But then, we put them in traditional r-o-y-g-b-i-v order and they were so lovely!
So once we laid them all out how we wanted them, we simply squirted a bit of fabric fusion glue on the back of each, and glued them down.  (just in case, I put a layer of wax paper between the front and back of the shirt so I wouldn’t glue the whole thing together!).

Once you glue down, you are supposed to wait 2-4 hours to dry fully, but of course, we were so impatient to try it on we didn’t wait that long!
Paired with a poofy skirt and leggings–so cute!  My daughter LOOOOVES is and cannot wait to wear it to our 100th day of School party–which is ON Valentine’s Day, so it will be even more perfect.  😉

This is one happy 1st grader:

Happy 100th Day of School!

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