Did you ever cringe when you go to feed your baby something from a jar of processed baby food? I mean, have you ever actually TASTED that Gerber Chicken and Noodles, Turkey and Rice, or Ravioli Dinner that you’re feeding to your babe?  I have.  They are…bland at best, and, dare I say, almost inedible at worst?   Oh, the fruits from the jars are never a problem for my babies when it comes to taste, but some of the veggies, and… Read more »

I’ve been plowing through a pile of half-finished projects around my home this week.  Unfortunately, I am famous for impulsively starting something, making it to mid-project, then waiting weeks or months before I pick it up again and finish the thing {truth be told, 4 kids under age 6 MAY have something to do with it}.Anywho, as some of you know from the posts about my table-makeover this past summer, it’s our dining room that has most recently received a… Read more »

If you’ve got a Kindergarten-2nd grader, right about now, you and your kiddos are probably starting to think about the 100th day of school project.  Most schools encourage kids to put together a compilation of 100 items to bring to show and tell for their 100th day of School Celebration.  Some schools already celebrated last week. While we homeschool, we still enjoy counting up to the 100th day, and getting together with friends to party.  So around here, all sorts… Read more »

An all-about-boys Valentine’s Day project to share with you today!   {because I have 3 of them, and not everything has to be pink and heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day}. First a question: do kids still make Valentine’s Day boxes? It was one of my favorite things when I was a kid, and I loved that my mom spent time with each of us 6 kids to make something creative to put our Valentine’s in.  I can remember we brought these into… Read more »

We’ve been busy making a set of these sweet little candy boxes to give away for Valentine’s Day next week.  Each one holds a few pieces of chocolate, and will undoubtedly delight their recipients.  On the back of each one, there is a space for the message~ “Owl Always Love You.”  I thought you may be interested in making a few of your own, so here is the tutorial. Each homemade treat box starts with a pillow box template which… Read more »

Hi guys.  Lovely little project to share with you today! If you’re like me, you have a hard time throwing away those clementine crates you bring home from the grocery store. We’ve used them for crafts (we recently turned one into a stable barn for our nativity set) and we’ve also used them to hold craft supplies in our home. But today, my daughter and I made a beautiful doll’s bed using a clementine crate that was sitting around the house, and… Read more »